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The Embellishments of our Apartment

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Among home textiles, curtains are perhaps the most important, as they significantly influence the mood and style of the rooms. Extensive window surfaces let in plenty of natural light into the room. Natural light is not only aesthetically and atmospherically beneficial, but we can also save energy by burning much less electricity.

There are plenty of curtain types, materials, patterns and colours to choose from. If you only want to use the curtains for decorative purposes, the beautiful lace curtains will always look good in the apartment. However, these lace curtains are not suitable for excluding either light or sound. Many people love the thin, light, translucent curtains that are available in almost every shade of the colour palette. These types of curtains also tend to matter only from an aesthetic point of view, but this is not a negligible aspect as the colours contribute greatly to the style and sense of life we ​​want to create in our home. You should choose curtains that harmonize with the colours of furniture, walls, floor coverings and upholstery.

We can choose cold or warm colours, single-color or patterned curtains, everyone can choose from almost virtually endless possibilities to suit their own tastes. If you choose strong colours, make sure they match the mood of the room. If you have the opportunity to do so, hire interior design professionals when designing your home.

When designing the interior of different rooms in a house, we can choose to match the style of the other rooms in the apartment, but we can even create a completely different design in another room. In a nursery, for example, it may be quite often necessary to change equipment and style and colors as our child grows. For very young children, curtains with a cheerful atmosphere, possibly with a fairy tale figure, are usually preferred in their room. Later, of course, let’s choose home-style home textiles.

Room features can also determine what colours and style we use. In the case of Soundproof Curtains, we have a pretty easy thing to do since. if we change the colours or furnishings of the rooms, we can simply replace the curtains with a fabric of a completely different material, colour or function.

Moreover, if we love variety, we can invest in several sets of curtains, which can be changed seasonally or, for a holiday such as Christmas, we can choose home textiles to suit the mood. If the curtains are to be used not only as a decorative element, darker curtains made of thicker weave, heavy fabric, are included in the picture, on the one hand blocking strong light and on the other hand preventing neighbors from seeing the rooms.

If we choose special curtains, they can also perform sound and thermal insulation tasks in our home. Perfect Acoustic Acoustic Company is happy to help with any problems

In terms of colours, perhaps pastel colours or white colours are the easiest to use in your home decor. Neutral colours can be used boldly on larger surfaces, and since most colours have more shades, you can vary the colour in the room. We use stronger, more intense colours on smaller surfaces, depending on what effect you want to achieve in the rooms. You can use warm shades of yellow, orange, purple, and their various variations, as well as soothing, cool, passive colours such as green, blue, turquoise, and violet. In the rooms, the lighting conditions also affect the effects of colours, so we also consider when designing the interior design.

Neutral colours such as white, black, grey, and brownish-beige tones can be paired with a wide variety of other colours and shades without creating a confusing or depressing atmosphere. In front of the windows, we can place translucent, thin curtains and blackouts at the same time, so we can take care of the decoration and practicality at the same time. It is important to keep in mind that when choosing coloured curtains, they may also fade after cleaning or washing.


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