Can You Ever Get Out of the Friend Zone?

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So, you’ve got a hot crush who considers you only a friend? It’s a complicated situation to overcome. It happens to both girls and guys and can be really hurtful. You may think about your “friend” all the time and wonder if it’s the right move to tell them how you feel. Then, after you decide to do that, your crush comes to you and whines about another awful date and asks you why there are no people similar to you that he or she can date.

So, does being someone’s friend mean that you can’t take your relationship to the next level? Here, you will find a few tips that will help you get out of the friend zone and finally be with your crush.

Think About The Word “No”

This is the tricky part, as you have to both learn to say no and understand what “no” means. Sometimes you just have a situation when you develop feelings for the other person, but your crush is just that, your crush. You can’t force people to love you, and it’s essential to know when to back off. If you want someone who will be at your every service, it will be easier to think about buying yourself a male sex doll or something.

People are complicated. Sometimes they don’t know how they feel, or they can’t decide what to do. So here comes the first advice – be an actual friend or back off. If you like someone, but you won’t accept that this person doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, it will be better for both of you to stop hanging out. People don’t owe anything to other people just because they are nice to them and help them out when they have a hard time. Don’t guilt anyone to be with you just because you were there for them. You have to accept that some things are just not meant to be.

On the other hand, you can’t let your crush abuse you. There are times when someone is using people who like them for personal gain. You have to be confident and know how to refuse. Emotional and mental confidence attracts people, so be sure that no one is taking advantage of you.

Start prioritizing yourself. If you have important meetings or deadlines to meet, simultaneously your crush asks you something, don’t be afraid to say that you are busy. Being too nice is sometimes the reason people fall into a friend zone. The trick is to show your crush that you are kind, but at the same time that you have your own, independent life. But remember that there is a fine line between being confident and a douchebag.

Show That You Want Something More

Never forget the importance of body language and funny clues, so start flirting. It doesn’t have to be anything sexual. Just show them that you are interested in something more. You can compliment, comment on appearance, let your hand touch them a little longer, etc. Remember to avoid long, sophisticated compliments. It is better to focus on something simple like perfume. It is a good and sensual subject that can tell your crush that you notice even small things.

You can also touch your crush’s bare skin a little longer than you are supposed to, but not in intrusive ways. You can come up with a reason to hold your crush’s hand, like laughing that you are scared of what will happen in the movie. Don’t underestimate little things, as they can spark sexual attraction and help move from friends to something more.

Hang Out With Other People

A little dose of jealousy can sometimes be healing. You can show your crush that you are interested in other people besides them. Show that you have a social life and that other people are interested in you. You can flirt a little with other people when you are at a party together. Pay attention to people around you, not just your crush. You will become more valuable in the other person’s mind when they see that they are not your whole world. Don’t be so hunged up on the fact that you are in love with your friend. This way, you have much to gain and very little to lose!

The Bottom Line

Being in the friend zone is not the end of the world. People come out of it all the time. You have to think about yourself, but you have to consider their feelings if you are serious about the other person.

If you consider yourself their true friend, you will accept almost every outcome. If everything fails, you can just accept the fact and move on. Try to banish your romantic feeling or take a break from your crush until you can move on. Whatever you choose to stand by your decision, but don’t be petty and think about being a good friend if your crush deserves it.


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