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Enjoying the winter in Spain with cheap rent

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Spain is known for its sunny weather as tourists even wait for summer to arrive just to enjoy the beach and other Spain’s popular destinations. Of course, the cities there have so much to offer, from historical museums to authentic cuisine, there’s so much variety in this country. So much so, living in Spain may look luxurious, but it’s surprisingly not. For one, there are dozens of cheap winter rentals in Spain.

The beauty of Spain’s infrastructure can also be admired during the winter. That’s the beauty of this country. You can still appreciate Spain during the winter with a little less crowd than the usual as you can stroll down while getting mesmerized with every corner of the city. If you’re planning to live in Spain or if you already are, renting a cheaper apartment is the most ideal first step — or next step if you’re already residing in Spain. Living worry-free with no expensive rent to think about, you may as well just think of how you can spend the winter season in Spain, here are some guides you can follow to maximize your time and have extraordinary fun at the same time:

Ski Away

You may be wondering, Spain isn’t a known destination when it comes to hitting the slopes. Sure, Spain is popular for its golden beaches, but you may get your breath taken away as well by going to any of the country’s 36 mountain resorts with over 1,000 kilometers of ski runs.

Located in the heart of the Pyrenees, Baqueira-Beret is the largest and most elegant ski resort in Spain. Baqueira-Beret is surrounded by traditional stone houses and ancient Romanesque churches that will surely amaze you.

The Sierra Nevada, the highest ski resort in Spain is another popular ski destination. About 27 kilometers away from Granada, Sierra Nevada offers more than a majestic view over sunny skies, but when it gets dark out, this resort also offers lively nightlife.

Festival de la Diversión

Carnivals of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Cádiz are two of the popular festivals there in Spain. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of Tenerife, hosts a week-long festival by the end of the winter season. The Brazilian-style festival certainly attracts partygoers to make the most out of winter before the season changes.

But for December, there are tons of things you can do to enjoy the winter or Christmas season in Spain. Mesmerize the Christmas lights in the market and you can go to Fira de Santa Lucia Christmas Market Barcelona if you’re into shopping as this market is an awesome place to bargain and shop all night long. Stallholders set up an open-air market around the streets, too!

Dig In at Gastrofestival

There’s no way we’re going to miss out on Spanish cuisine! The capital of Madrid hosts its annual Gastrofestival. A culinary event that offers tourists a vast choice of cultural and food experiences. For foodies, you will love this festive that annually happens in January.

Famous Attractions Just for You

Spain during the winter season is a whole different kind of experience. Even tourist attractions are practically empty so you can pull out your list to visit and start going to them. If you hate long lines, famous attractions during the winter season have shorter queues, and who knows, maybe there are better travel deals and lower accommodation rates since little to no tourists go during the winter season.

Learn to love this elegantly rich and diverse country even more during the winter season. Spain has so much to offer, and life there is far better once you have picked a cheap but good apartment to live in. Live an affordable yet fun Spanish life.


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