How to plan for your wedding

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Let’s face it! The biggest event of your life is almost approaching, and you are still clueless about how to go about it. Yes, you got it right! Your wedding is coming, and now you are clueless about what you should be doing. You should do many things for your wedding preparation – from your guest list to many other things that you should be worried about your wedding. What matters most is to ensure your guests experience the most memorable experience at your once in a lifetime event!

There are many ways to make your wedding memorable. Some people engage a wedding live band Singapore musicians to spice up their night. There are great deals to this, and one such company that does this well is a company called Musical Touch. They are a bunch of Singapore wedding singers that are very professional in dealing with wedding music.

One other way to ensure that your wedding is memorable is to take note of the decorations. One of the most important things to take note of is your wedding florist. There are many to choose from, but flowers are the eyes of a woman’s heart. When we see flowers anyway, you can be sure that everything will turn out happy. If you are looking for a Wedding Florist Singapore to spice up your wedding, do ensure that you check out our blog featuring the top wedding florists in Singapore!

With so many in mind, let us delve in to discuss what should you look out for when you are planning for your wedding that is coming up! Do sit back, and be sure to take notes on how we will advise you on preparing this wedding of yours.

Are you ready? If yes, let us go!

1) Ensure you have done extensive research!

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Surely, Indeed not want to screw this moment up. At this age of ours’, there is the simple thing of going to google to check. You need to ensure that you check on your vendors’ reviews. After all, they can talk all night long about how good they are, but nothing beats actual testimonials by couples!

Whether you are getting a live wedding band or getting the best wedding florist in Singapore to spice up your wedding, you need to read your vendors’ reviews! They are the most accurate way of representing your vendor’s quality!

2) Ensure it is something you need!

There are many wants in this world but limited resources. In the case of your wedding, the limited resource is your wedding budget for your planning. Unless you are a wealthy billionaire who has no budget planning for anything in your life, this is something that you need to sit down and think about if you need these services.

If you are getting a live wedding band, it’ll ensure that your guests are thoroughly receiving entertainment during your wedding. They will have song dedication slips that will ensure your guests’ favourite songs will be playing during your wedding. There will also be a messages section in the dedication slips where your guests can dedicate their favourite songs! Musical Touch, a wedding live band company in Singapore, does this exceptionally well! Do also check out their google reviews on this!

For the case of a wedding florist, you can have your particular theme to your wedding that you would love to see displayed out by the decorations. Flowers are the eyes of a woman’s heart! You can be sure that you will make your wedding very memorable for you and your partner by engaging a good wedding florist!

So the question is now this – do you need the services of your vendor? Do remember to balance it out between what you need and what you want!

3) Ensure they are price competitive!

When you are searching for vendors, ensure that you compare their prices around to ensure you got the right and fair pricing! Certain vendors would like to take advantage of the couples’ trust by inflating their pricing. This is unethical and should be condemned.

When you are searching for your ideal wedding live band, do ensure that the musicians are appropriately vetted and making sure they are within the market pricing. Definitely, pricing is not everything. It also comes with what you like and what you don’t. When you are looking at having the best wedding singer to sing for your wedding live band, do ensure that their pricing is not far off what other vendors are quoting you!

The same goes for selecting the best wedding florist in Singapore for your wedding! That is the reason why Musical Touch came up with a list of top 20 wedding florists in Singapore for you to compare the best florists you can have for your wedding and making it memorable for you and your partner!

Have you done extensive research on the pricing of your wedding vendors?

4) Discuss with your partner! This must not be a wrong decision!

As a wedding is a two people affair, you need to be sure that your partner also likes the vendor that you are engaging with! This will only be fair as this involves an event that will only happen once in your lifetime! You will be sure that you will regret it if you don’t discuss this properly with your partner!

When you are selecting a live wedding band, do sit down with your partner and listen to their voices! Is this the kind of musical style you are looking at for your wedding? Musical Touch has a wide range of wedding musicians for wedding couples to choose from. You might want to check their singer’s page to know more! Be sure to check it out!

When you are selecting a wedding florist for your wedding decorations, be sure to also discuss with your partner what is the wedding theme you are looking at. There are many different types of pieces, and you might want to know that different themes will bring out different tones of the wedding. With the list of top 20 wedding florists in Singapore, do call and check out with the florists for advice on how to go about this! Trust us, and you will be thankful for doing so!

With all that in mind, are you now more prepared to select your vendors for your wedding? Do note that advisees given here are not exhaustive. This is a once a lifetime event, and you need to check to ensure that you have gotten the right vendors for your wedding!

With that said, happy planning for your big day!


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