4 Secrets to Resolving Your Personal Injury Claim in a Car Accident

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Injurious car accidents are indeed traumatizing. On top of it, dealing with insurance companies and personal injury claims can be exhausting! Trying to get a fair settlement for the damages can take up a lot of your time and energy. That’s why the wisest decision is to go for a lawyer or attorney to help you through the journey and acquire the utmost benefits for you from the claim.

However, there are several other secrets to resolve your injury claims in a car accident that you might be unaware of them. So, to help you out, we have created a list of practical ways to maximize your car accident. Let’s have a look:

  1. Hire an Experienced Lawyer To Assess Your Case

The first step next to getting proper medical aid after a car accident would be to file your lawsuit. As immediate you are, the more pressure you can put on your insurance company to take action. Insurance companies tend to delay the process unless they have a rising pressure of a pending court hearing. Getting a lawyer would accelerate the process. Make sure that your lawyer is experienced and qualified enough to get you through the process. Try not to spend your money on consultations. But be prompt in hiring a trial lawyer because insurance companies can be pretty hasty about it when it’s for their benefit.

Once you get a personal injury trial attorney to evaluate your case for you, you will be more informed about your rights and choices. For instance, if you met with a car accident anywhere near Hamilton County, you will need a car accident attorney in Chattanooga TN, to help you out with your case. They would help you investigate the case entirely. From your doctor’s records and police reports to the witness statements, a lawyer would be able to give you an expert opinion.

  • Convince Your Insurance Company To Set Up A High Reserve Account

After you’ve been in an accident, your insurance company will set up a reserve account to pay off all the expenses for your claims. It uses factual evidence of the damages due to the accident to calculate the amount of money in this account.  To make sure that you’re reasonably settled, try to get evidence of everything – in the forms of photographs, written or spoken statements, and videos. If needed, hire an investigator to gather added physical proofs. It is essential because your adjuster’s insurance company will collect all evidence to settle the case at a lower cost.

And suppose you have enough or more significant amounts than your damages in your reserve account. In that case, you can easily collect for your claims. But you must get your insurance company to increase the reserve if it’s too small – which can be pretty tiring, but that’s the right way to maximize the settlement. Remember to stay put, as many car accident lawsuits can take years to settle and even then don’t come to a resolution. So knowing that you’re in this for a long haul can help you stay determined.

  • Keep Your Medical Records Safe

The court will ask for your medical records when resolving down the case. The adjuster will cover all your medical expenses of the accident. So, remember to keep those records safe and avoid modifications. Try not to skip hospital appointments as the court will count each day, or even hour, that you suffered in illness due to the accident. Hence, it wouldn’t be wise to stop attending the doctor because you think you’re getting better. Your physician knows better than you. They are aware of probable complications, so let them discharge you when they believe you are healthy enough. Other than this, keep all your bills in an organized file to present at the court.  Unless you have all related hospital bills, pharmacy receipts, doctor’s fee receipts, and other bills – don’t expect a refund. All of these will be supporting evidence of your damages.

  • Be Aware of All Your Damages

The biggest mistake that people in car accidents make is not fully knowing the damages that the accident has caused them.  The other party is liable to pay you for all your suffering and pain from the injury, any loss of business, or a cut in income due to taking off from work. They need to adjust settlement for loss of your business or loss of consortium – which is a common occurrence in families after an accident – and cost of rental or fixtures of your car. Even if you hire a homemaker or in-house nurse to help you through your injuries, it counts as damage. And many victims only count injuries that they can see and sense, but accidents can leave a lasting impact on your mental health. It may take some time to appear, but if you feel like you are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress or Anxiety due to the accident, ask for help. If you don’t seem to cope well with the stress, you have a right to compensate for this injury and your physical ones.


Lastly, remember to stay honest and loyal to the cause. You don’t have to ask for over-compensation from your adjuster, but you do not have to settle for anything less than you have a right to. Trust your attorney to guide you through the process, as their qualification can help you successfully attain a fair settlement.


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