6 Dog Care Tips: The Ultimate Guide

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Knowing how to take care of your dogs is the ultimate necessity if you want them to have a happy and healthy life. While dogs may only be a small part of your lives, to them, we are their whole life. As responsible dog owners, it’s best that we provide them with wholesome and nutritious food that benefits their health because a healthy dog is a happy dog.

We know that dog ownership isn’t easy. This is why we decided to lay out some of the best tips you can follow to keep your dog safe and healthy.

1. Puppy Proofing

When you get a puppy, you must get your house ready for the new addition.

  • Secure Trash and Toxins: Dogs love to play with trash, but that can lead to health issues. Make sure your puppy can never reach the trash can. You will also have to keep all the toxins locked up.
  • Dog’s Space and Belongings: Allow your puppy to have his personal safe space where he can go when he’s tired. Make sure you wash his belongings regularly to avoid a dirty house and sick dog.
  • No to Human Food: Many dog owners tend to be careless about feeding their dogs human food. However, certain harmful ingredients should be avoided at all costs.

2. Health Tips

Health is the most important thing for all living beings. Let’s see how you can best care for your dog’s health.

  • Avoid Overfeeding: Your dogs will never be satisfied with the quantity of food you give them. Therefore, you will have to be the one to avoid overfeeding them to avoid metabolic abnormalities. You should feed them as much as recommended by their vet.
  • Feel his Nose: Dogs sweat through their nose. Therefore, a healthy dog’s nose is always slightly cool and wet. If you see your dog’s nose constantly being dry or warm, take him to a vet as soon as possible.
  • Frequent the Vet: We don’t always completely understand what is happening in our dog’s body. Therefore, whenever you see anything abnormal including their behavior, you should book a visit to your dog’s vet.
  • Maintain a First-aid kit: Small things such as medicines for vomiting, deworming, and fever is always good to have handy. Every responsible owner should have a first-aid kit ready for their canines.
  • Don’t Forget the Teeth: Your dog’s teeth can carry many diseases. Therefore, make sure you maintain good oral hygiene for your dog.
  • Purposeful Playing: Your dog will get desensitized when you touch his paws, ears, and nose while playing with him. This is a win-win because your pups will have their exercise while you have the opportunity to perform a quick check up on them.

3. Stimulation

A happy pooch is one that is always physically and mentally well-stimulated.

  • Regular Walks: Walking is the most constructive energy outlet for a dog. It helps improve their digestive functions and keeps them in a good mood. Frequent walks will also reduce the chance for destructive behaviors such as barking, digging, or even chewing.
  • Add Variety: Sticking to a schedule is great. However, what’s best is adding variety to the schedule. Don’t feed your four-legged friends the same meal every day and don’t just teach him the same trick daily. Instead, it’s best to add some variety to both his meal and daily activity which will trigger mental stimulation and happiness. 
  • Puzzle Toys: Most canines love challenges. Puzzles are a great way to challenge them mentally. If your pooch gets involved in puzzle toys, you will also see their attention span grow over time.
  • Bonding Exercise: Whether it is yoga, climbing stairs, and even going for a run together, bonding exercise helps both the owner and their pups. Moreover, if both of you are up for it, you can even indulge them in dog sports. Exercise and sports are the best way to keep your furry friends physically and mentally stimulated.

4. Bonding

Most dog breeds crave love and affection and love to bond with their owners. Only when you bond with your canine companion will you agree that a dog is a man’s best friend.

  • Have Patience: If your pooch is taking time to understand certain commands or is misbehaving, it is not their fault. They do not fully understand human language and are only trying to adapt to your life. Dogs can understand body language so if you are angry or tense with them, they will sense it and feel the same emotions.
  • Attention: Dogs love attention and seek companionship from their humans. Therefore, the best way to bond with them is by being their friend. Give them regular treats and participate in activities with them and you both will create a special bond together.
  • Take an interest in Their Food: Dogs love to have people around when they are eating. They are used to working in packs so eating is a communal act for them. If you show interest in them eating, even picky eaters will want to consume their food quickly.

5. Training

Training is an essential element of being a pet owner, and you must do it properly.

  • Positive Reinforcement: Positive reinforcement is the best way to train a dog since it teaches them what to do instead of teaching them what not to. This is leading by example and you’ll have a happy dog with a healthy emotional balance.
  • Be Consistent: Like humans, dogs need consistent learning and practice to perfect a skill. Make sure you schedule time for training and be sure to stick to it to help your dog learn better.

6. Dog Safety

You are the primary caretaker and safety provider for your furry friends. Follow certain things to make sure they are always safe.

  • No Riding at the Back of a Truck: A truck’s flatbed is the most dangerous place for dogs to ride in. They can either get hit with debris or accidentally fall off the flatbed. Make sure your pooch is sitting inside your vehicle when you’re driving. If you can secure them to the seat with a seatbelt, that would be great.
  • Always on Leash in Public: Make sure your pup never gets off-leash in public, not only for his safety but also for others’ safety as well.
  • Microchip: You can add a tracking microchip into your canine to make sure you know where he is even if he wanders away. Getting lost is one of the most distressing things in a dog’s life.

Final Thoughts

Each dog deserves to be well taken care of. As a responsible dog parent, make sure your four-legged friends are getting everything they need to live safe and secure lives. Never negate your dog’s safety, health, and happiness for anything. As long as you follow the above tips, you and your dog should be good to go.


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