How to love yourself

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We are all meant to do something that makes us happy in life. However, it is hard not to get bogged down and feeling disheartened by our circumstances.

Over time that wearing down can leave you feeling a little less than yourself.

So how do you fill that empty cup back up?

We start by remembering a cup can be refilled.

Then we move on to actionable steps to help life ourselves back to where we need to be.


Are you being the real you, or are you trying your hardest just to ‘fit in’ with what you think society expects?

Millions of people wish to have piercings, tattoos, stretched ear lobes, and wear bright,  bold clothing but don’t – because of fear of judgment.

But ask yourself, is it worse to live a life that is unfulfilling or to be judged for being the real you?

There is nothing in the world that is more important than you are being true to yourself.


Cooking for yourself is an act of love. Most adults cook countless times a week to take care of their family. But how often do you learn a new recipe for yourself?

Taking the time to find healthy ingredients that can aid your mood.

Find delicious mood-boosting recipes online.


There is a reason that habit tracking and habit-creating mobile phone applications are becoming so popular. They allow you to take a more critical view of what you are doing.

Some habits don’t serve us, and as such, will have a negative impact on us. You might also wish to create new habits.

Like daily yoga, drinking more water, tackling your finances weekly. New habits that are healthy and work for us.

Small things

There is no such thing as a small or a big win. Sure some feel bigger than others, but even a small win is a win. Get used to celebrating the small stuff.

Tackled the washing pile? Amazing! Managed to win a new contract? Fantastic!

Treat them as the same thing, and you will see over time that you have plenty to celebrate.

Power word

Your power word is no. Use it freely and become at ease with it.

We say yes to things we don’t have time for, things we don’t want to do, and more just because we feel pressure to take on more than we can do comfortably.

Start saying no to things you don’t want to do, and say yes only to what feels good.


We children are little. We encourage them to take a nap to recharge, to improve their mood, and for some rest. Yet, as we grow up, even when tired, we don’t nap.

Naps are the perfect way to give you an energy boost in the day. Napping can improve your productivity and give you enough energy to tackle your day in the best way possible.

Pen to Paper

Have many ideas swirled around in your mind? One too many thoughts piling up can make it difficult to concentrate on what you want to achieve.

Put pen to paper and do a brain dump. Everything that is going on in your mind can be put down on paper.

You can then sort through what is essential, things you can’t do anything about, and see if all of those great ideas can work.

You never know what might come out when you start this practice!

Over time you might develop this into daily journaling, allowing you to keep your mind free for what really matters.


If you use your mobile phone for work, then you probably have notifications coming in long after the workday has ended. These notifications keep our brain engaged in work, and it will become almost impossible to switch off.

Turn your notifications off for anything work-related at the end of your working day. Protect your free time at all costs.


Be kind to others, and use the same level of kindness on yourself. We are often critical and cruel to ourselves and hold ourselves to a much higher standard than we hold others.

This leads us to believe we have constantly not achieved as much as we should’ve.

Practice being kind to yourself as a priority. Becoming your authentic self can be a complex process, and many people lose friends as they do it. Once you begin to show yourself love and kindness, you will soon notice those around you who do not practice the same thing.


What do you think?

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