A practical guide to ring sizes – what are the most common ones

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There tends to be a little bit of nervousness and anxiety about selecting the right ring size. This worry is often caused by the fact that the ring is meant to be a surprise and if it doesn’t fit well, it could spoil that magical moment. Or maybe you might not be sure of what to do next in the event that the ring doesn’t fit well. We’ll try to make sense of it for you in this article.

How do the experts measure a ring size?

There are several ways to measure the size of a ring correctly. One of them is to visit a professional who has special measuring rings for this. By being able to try several sizes, leave them on your finger for a while and then think it over, you’ll be much more confident about your choice. At the same time, you’ll be able to see how well the ring slides over the knuckles of your finger. If you have larger knuckles, you have to take this into account when choosing the ring so that it goes on well but at the same time it isn’t able to slip off easily. If you have the opportunity to repeat this way of measuring the size several times, definitely do so because the width of a finger does change based on the time of day and temperature.

How to work out the size of the ring in secret

If you are able to simply go to a store to measure the finger which you want to wear the ring on, then this is the safest option. But what if the ring is meant to be a gift or maybe even an engagement ring where this option is out of the question?

An ideal scenario would be if you can get hold of another ring that you know fits well. If you want to try this out, there might be more than ring size to choose from so make sure that you choose a ring which gets worn on the correct finger, with engagement rings this is most often the ring finger of the left hand. If you only manage to “steal” the ring for a short time, measure its inside diameter with a ruler. If you are able to borrow it for longer, take it to a jeweler and they will find out its size using a ring mandrel.

If on the other hand you have to find out the size all by yourself without any rings to help you, try to think of a clever excuse to measure the circumference of the finger with a piece of string, paper tape or even dental floss. In this case you should also watch out for the knuckles on the finger and to measure with these in mind. If you’d like to get even more detailed information on ring sizing, the KLENOTA jewelry studio has an in depth article on its website which is all about this.

What are the most common ring sizes for women and men

Sizes are generally quoted based on the inside diameter of the ring or the inner circumference, that is, the circumference of the finger (which is called the EU size). For wedding rings (worn on the ring finger of the left hand), the most common women’s ring sizes are 52 and 53 and the most common men’s ring sizes are 59 to 61.

In the UK however, ring sizes are quoted in letters from E to U. The most common women’s ring size is M and the most common men’s ring size is T. In the US, a numerical scale based on the thickness of the finger is used and women most often wear sizes 6 and men from size 9. Based on that same scale, in Asia the most common women’s ring size is 4-5 and the most common ring size for men is about 3 sizes bigger than that.

What if you don’t manage to choose the right size?

To make sure that you don’t have to worry about what would happen if you were to make the wrong choice, find a jewelry studio that is able to adjust the size of the ring as required – you don’t need to worry since the majority of them will be able to do this but just double check in advance. If the ring is custom-made based on your own specifications, consult the jeweler in advance about the option of adjusting the size of the ring if needed. This will give you peace of mind.

We hope that this article has helped clear up how to go about working out the size of a ring. Now all that’s left is to start choosing the right one!


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