Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Orthodontics

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Planning to get a smile-makeover or align your teeth? Before you visit a dental clinic, know everything about cosmetic or orthodontic dental treatment.

When you plan to get any procedure done, you get overwhelmed with so many questions.

  • Who should I trust to get the procedure done with ideal results?
  • How much will it cost me?
  • How to find a specialist best Invisalign dentist?

We’re here to help you with your orthodontic dental treatment queries to make the best decisions for your smile.

Who is an Orthodontic Dentist?

An Orthodontic dentist is a dental specialist trained in diagnosing, treating, and preventing dental and facial irregularities. They perform a broad range of procedures, including straightening crooked teeth, jaw alignment correction, and fixing bad bites.

In addition to completing a five-year dental degree, orthodontists undergo 3-year full-time (5000 hours) specialist training.

If you’re getting treatment with invisible aligners, you need to ensure getting treated by the best Invisalign Dentist for perfect results.

What Types Of Orthodontic Dental Treatment Are Available?

Using specialized expertise and knowledge in tooth movements and facial irregularities, an orthodontic dentist can help you understand which treatment option would be better for you or your child. 

Between metal braces, invisible braces, clear aligners, ceramic braces, fixed and removable metal plates, there are treatments to suit every requirement and lifestyle.

Before you finalize any treatment option, book an appointment with your orthodontic dentist since every case is unique and requires special orthodontic attention.

When Should You See An Orthodontic Dentist?

Early orthodontic treatment is always recommended. You should make a visit to a dental clinic when your child is at the age of 7. When it comes to orthodontic dental treatment, including aligners, braces, it is recommended to see an orthodontic specialist.

Patients should continue to visit the orthodontist for regular checkups and cleaning throughout their course of the treatment. It is essential for maintaining your oral hygiene.

Orthodontists and dentists work in collaboration to achieve ideal results for you and your child.

Why Should You See A Specialized Orthodontic Dentist?   

Your smile is one of your most essential features. It is the first asset you present to the world. Therefore, you want to make sure it is taken care of by the best hands of a fully trained orthodontics specialist.

An orthodontic dental treatment regime can help restore confidence to your smile if you’re self-conscious about the state of your teeth. The best orthodontic treatment helps you live a happier, healthier life.

There are various reasons to visit an orthodontic dentist. You might make an appointment to reduce gaps, have your crooked teeth straightened, or correct misaligned teeth.

Orthodontic dental treatment (including clear aligners and braces) should ideally be provided by a registered specialist orthodontic dentist. 

Orthodontists have the expertise and skills to accurately diagnose orthodontic conditions, assess and monitor your tooth or jaw movements and safeguard your dental health.

How To Find a Specialist Orthodontist Near You?

Now you must be wondering, “how to find an orthodontic dentist near me”? Every member of the Australian Society of Orthodontists is a registered specialist orthodontic dentist.

Look For The ASO Logo

Most ASO members either put up a sign or display a sticker in their clinics which shows their association with ASO. Look out for the light blue logo.

Search AHPRA Website

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency website enlists all the details of registered health professionals in the country, including general dentists and specialists such as an orthodontic dentist.

It’s always best to check whether or not your orthodontic dentist is a registered specialist with an independent organization. However, as a final option, the receptionist at your orthodontist’s clinic may help if you have any queries if you’re still not sure.


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