Doing Business in the Digital Age

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For several years, an entrepreneur needs to be physically present to attend to business
matters. Of course, this is true, most especially if there are documents to be signed and
meetings that require his or her attendance. While this is still true today, software developers
have developed ways to become better in this tech upgraded time.

As technology develops further, how do businesses manage to keep pace? What tools can
be utilized to supervise a business effectively? As an entrepreneur in this digital age, what
are some techniques that other entrepreneurs are doing? Let us see.

How Do Businesses Manage to Keep Pace?

Businesses need to adapt to changes in technology. If not, they might be missing their
market and vanish. Digital tools are now utilized by these businesses not just to manage the
team but to generate sales as well. Many have found out that having a website can help
reach people over the internet.

Several business owners put content on their site in a timely and regular manner. To
effectively integrate the internet, they use search engine optimization tools in producing their
articles. These SEO tools try to tap the algorithm of search engines. If an individual types a
related keyword, the search engine will generate millions of results across the internet. The
business’ website must optimize its content to be in the top search results.

Helpful SEO tools are Ahrefs, YoastSEO, Moz, and SurferSEO. These tools have unique
services from each other. Utilizing at least one of these tools proved effective in gaining
more leads and sales conversions online.

What Tools Can Help to Supervise Business Effectively?

Aside from online presence, internal management is essential to keep the business running.
A healthy company will continue to generate leads and sales. What tools help run a

Communication Tools

These tools help to effectively and efficiently communicate with team members. An example
of it is the Slack app.


Slack is a modern communication platform specifically designed for business. Slack’s
software developers say it is safer and more secured than email. This tool is productive as
you can organize tasks with your team and collaborate more efficiently.


MailChimp is an automatic email sender. The app is undoubtedly proud of its ability to send
a bulk of emails in a shorter period. This messaging tool is essential for email campaigns. If
you target a specific group of people in the market, you can easily make a list of their email
addresses before proceeding to the campaign.

Management Tools

These tools help in organizing activities, assigning team members, and completing tasks at
the set schedule.


The Trello app is significant in completing tasks that require a specific set of skills. The
owner can create boards to put the assignment. Within boards are cards assigned explicitly
to individuals. Designated individuals can label a collection of cards depending on the status
of the task. Afterwhich, the cards can be moved whenever development is executed.
Trello users can also communicate with team members to execute ideas and collaborate

Google Drive

Google Drive is cloud storage necessary for online collaborations with team members. It
flaunts sub-functions such as Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Slides, and several others. Files are
uploaded securely through the cloud. Assigned team members are given access to the files.
They can work, edit, or view the said files as long as there is an internet connection.
These tools are usually practical for the teamwork of people who can’t be in one place to
work together.

Social Media Tools

Some businesses’ social media presence is needed for brand awareness, promotion, and
sales conversion.


Facebook now has billions of users around the world. This audience means a large market.
Managing a social media page can benefit a business in this digital age. If set up correctly,
the Facebook platform allows social media managers to promote their products and services
to their target market.


Instagram is more focused as a photo-sharing platform. When this platform is used
effectively, you can reach your target audience and convert sales. The digital age makes
doing business easier, promoting services and products faster, and connecting to clients.
Instagram allows users to share photos for free and promote them to your target audience.

What Are Some Techniques That Other Entrepreneurs Are Doing?

Business owners upgrade their internal tech system. They hire software developers to
develop a plan specified for their companies need. This technique of some entrepreneurs is
beneficial not just for clients but for the whole business itself.

Hiring software developers might be challenging. Most companies outsource software
developers to cut costs and still receive a high-quality tech product. Close teamwork is
necessary to achieve ideal goals for the business while working with software developers.
On the other hand, other entrepreneurs resort to investing in getting employees with extra
digital tech skills. This technique is beneficial in the long run instead of hiring short-term
contracts. Whatever is best for the business, entrepreneurs grab them as an opportunity to
develop and improve.

To be a successful entrepreneur, one must have enough digital literacy. This step can be an
issue with old entrepreneurs. Surprisingly, most of them, if not all, had adapted to the
ever-changing and evolving tech. Indeed, entrepreneurs are keeping pace with the digital
age that we are now.

The Conclusion

Businesses need not face oblivion simply by rejecting the advancement of tech. They have
to keep moving and improving. Whether you are a seasoned or new entrepreneur, we all
agree that things can be done easier today compared to decades ago.

As mentioned at the outset, the time will come when doing business can be as handy as
your mobile device – if not now, shortly. As of the moment, we have to enjoy the privileges that we have and the tech readily available for use. The benefits are endless. Yes, entrep


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