Great Products Made for Life’s Messy Moments

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Life gets messy on occasion, and we need all the help we can get to sort it all out again. Here are some things that might be just over the horizon to help you out the next time you’re having a messy day.

Tampon Vending Machines

We’ve all been there: our period has arrived, with a vengeance, and there isn’t a tampon, panty liner, or even so much as an old, grease-stained McDonald’s napkin anywhere nearby to save us from the deluge of dark red blood that is coming way faster than we could ever make it to the safety of our home.

There are a few, wonderful places that have always carried tampon machines. Oddly enough, in my own life, I have seen them more in dive bar restrooms and service station ladies’ rooms than in malls, department stores, or sit-down dining establishments. 

Luckily, there has been recent interest in placing more machines that have sanitary products into areas that women frequent. We have been forced to carry around a minor first aid kit in the form of tampons and maxi pads for decades. Even if we come up with nothing to use in an emergency in a city environment, we are often forced to find a drugstore to procure a big box of 20, instead of finding a conveniently located vending machine nearby to grab a few until it is convenient to go shopping. 

A few years back, a forward-thinking marketing company that represented OB tampons put large, well-stocked vending machines with products that women use every day in it. They exchanged free tampons in exchange for tweets from young women to promote the machines. It’s overdue that we all have easy access to both feminine products, as well as condoms and family planning/sexual health supplies, located in places that are filled with busy, smart, working women who shouldn’t have to always carry a half dozen tampons around, “just in case”. 

Because Health

Because Health has a great line of products developed for a growing population of baby boomers who are in need of well designed products that are focused on the changing needs of aging. Because Underwear has a huge selection of absorbances, and fits the form well. Other than briefs that don’t show a panty line, a whole selection of bladder health products help you take a holistic approach to changing needs. 

Ultraviolet Shoe Driers, with Sterilization of Bacteria and Fungus, and Sterilizers, and Ozone

A problem that a lot of people face with daily hygiene is sweat. Sweaty, uncomfortable feet and armpits will always eventually end up causing the ever-dreaded “B.O.” Armpits have historically been easier to fix, just by buying a stick or two of deodorant and giving them the once over after showering each day. The sweaty feet issue, though, is harder to get rid of.

In the past decade, Ultraviolet lamps have been developed to insert into shoes, and use both the conductive heat and ultraviolet rays from the device to deodorize shoes, while also killing bacteria, fungus, and any other microorganisms that could result in foul-smelling feet. There are dozens of similar-looking models available, all slightly different in design, but all that function under the same principles and equipment. They fluctuate in price just slightly, all costing in the neighborhood of $50 each. 

Two elongated, ultraviolet lights, which have been housed in a cage that is not unlike a regular shoe stretcher in its shape and size, are placed into the shoes. A timer can be set for the desired time: 15 minutes is minimum, and up to a couple of hours is perfectly ok, and shouldn’t harm the shoes. The blue lights then proceed to dry out sweaty, damp shoes with the conductive heat of the bulbs. 

Ultraviolet Shoe Light customers seem to have bipolar levels of like and disappointment wrapped up together in the device, but there are lots of positive comments available from others that illustrate that the light functions less than spectacularly in some hard-to-treat cases, but is helpful in most. While there is some debate on how much actual death of microorganisms takes place, it is firmly established by the manufacturer that the ultraviolet light doesn’t decimate fungus populations, but does stun them, while also making a less hospitable environment to improve the smell. Additionally, the shoe light is said to create ozone (O3), which also improves the smell in the area.


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