High-End Rechargeable Torches

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If you plan an outdoor adventure or camping trip, you will require to carry some of the best high-end rechargeable torches with you. Unlike oversized battery torches, rechargeable torches are lightweight, and you don’t have to spend money on batteries all the time. Below are some rechargeable torches that will not disappoint you on your adventures.

  1. Olight Marauder 2 14000 Lumes Flood And Throw Torch

Olight marauder 2 is designed with a built-in proximity sensor, cooling fins, and a thermal sensor to offer protection against obstruction and overheating. The torch also features a powerful light source with a spotlight beam of up to 800 meters plus a flooding beam of 14000 lumens from up to 12 LEDS.

Furthermore, it has a switch to help you choose between spotlight and floodlight. The smart lockout and unlocking knob turn on up to 7 light levels and lock the torch. It comes as a complete package with the torch, USB-C cable, an adapter, a user manual, and a lanyard.

  • Olight Seeker 2 3000 Lumens Rescue Torch

The Olight seeker 2 3000 will deliver up to 3000 lumens as the maximum out, meaning it can provide light 240 yards away. In addition, the side switch is large enough to allow you to use up to five brightness levels quickly and easily. Therefore, if you are in a situation that requires a source of light fast, you can rely on this torch.

Furthermore, the torch is slim and lightweight, meaning you can easily carry it with you in your pocket or carry it with the included lanyard. It comes as a complete package, including a magnetic USB cable for fast charging.

  • Olight Perun 2 Brightest Multi-Functional Head Torch

This is an upgraded version of the Perun model. It has a built-in proximity sensor that will dim light when there’s an obstruction. It also has an improved charging cable of 2A current which is 33% faster, and the battery runs longer than the previous model.

The torch offers up to 2500 lumens meaning it is brighter. In addition, this torch can be used as a headlamp as it features a headband and a handheld torch. This provides you with a multi-functional torch for different applications.

  • Olight Baton 3 Premium Edition Industry-Leading Charging Torch

This rechargeable torch also comes as a complete package with the torch itself, wireless charger, battery, USB-A to USB-C cord, and a manual and warranty card. It is made from high-quality material with no sharp edges or blemishes, offering a professional look.

The baton 3 features a power indicator to alert you when it’s time to recharge the torch. It is lightweight and very portable, meaning you can easily carry it around. The flashlight delivers up to 1200 lumens which is enough light for up to 166 meters.


All of these torches will throw enough light depending on where you are planning on using them. You can get more information about these torches here They are durable, portable, and designed to meet different applications making them ideal for camping, rescues, work, and so much more. We hope this review will help you select one that will fit all of your needs.


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