How “Sex and the city” TV show normalized the usage of sex toys

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Since its launch in 1998, the series “Sex and the City,” which follows the life and romantic adventures of four girlfriends from the Big Apple, has become an absolute hit worldwide, especially among women. One of the main reasons for its great success, backed by 7 Emmy Awards and 8 Golden Globe statuettes, was that every woman could find common ground and similarities with the main characters and their “desperate” experience, the gentlemen. In addition, the show raised many issues that few people at the time dared to say out loud.

If you ever watched “Sex and the city,” there’s no way you don’t remember the episode with the rabbit vibrator. The Turtle and the Hare (S1, E9) have been among the most mentioned episodes for the show in feminist circles. In this episode, Miranda explains the benefits of using a rabbit sex toy to Charlotte.

She visits a sex store, later on, purchases one, which quickly causes her to become obsessed with staying at home with the bunny vibe.

After a couple of times where Charlotte prefers a rabbit vibrator over hanging out with her friends, they decide to hold an intervention. Meanwhile, the Rabbit becomes a cultural commodity, with sales going through the roof. Carrie, Miranda, and Samantha normalize the act of self-pleasuring and the usage of sex toys.

Before the release of the show, both topics were fabulistic and unheard of on primetime TV.

But there were other sex toy models mentioned and displayed during the six seasons of the TV series.

Surprisingly, the sex toy appearances are much more minor and non-intrusive than you would have thought.

Although “Sex and the city” episodes are outdated in many ways when you view them now, such as how it deals with sensitive topics like LGBTQ representation or body positivity, it has become a sexual revolution in certain aspects.

An uplifting is required to disintegrate prejudices, taboos, and social norms linked to sex.

 Here are short presentations of all the 13 adult toys from “Sex and the city” or their modern versions.

1. The rabbit vibe

While the rabbit vibrator has since been in several and many incarnations, the initial, which simultaneously stimulates the clitoris and the G spot, remains a classic that never fails to produce.

2. The Hitachi Magic Wand

The wand massager appears in “Sex and the City” many times.

We first see Samantha as she goes to Sharper Image because, according to the employee, her wand (or “neck massager”) has broken up, and she’d like to replace it.

The second time we see that is when Samantha uses it to stop Brady, the son of Miranda, crying when his vibrating chair stopped functioning — proof that vibrators are versatile.

3. Phallus-shaped vibrator

No way in hell will Miranda have a vibrator with a sparkly phallus; nevertheless, it was sparkly and penis-shaped with glitter-covered glans.

As personal as you can come.

It’s pretty straightforward, but if it’s good enough to give you orgasms, who cares?

4. Sex swing

Until you’ve had it in a swing, according to Samantha, you’ve never had sex.

5. Handcuffs

Between Samantha and Miranda, there are no losers.

Samantha’s date is in a small BDSM cage, and he calls for her to spank him.

6. Floggers

What’s a miniature Red Room of Pain without those two essentials?

7. Dildo

Once again, predictably, in the third season, Samantha has a one-night-stand affair with Garth.

However, in an attempt to show that he’s more than his cock, he recites poetry to her.

Naturally, that did little to help her reputation, but at least she managed to snag a prize for herself and take a piece of him home for her goodie drawer.

8. Strap-on

Since we never see the actual strap-on being used, that is good enough to make it on the list.

Experimentation is needed when it comes to using a strap-on. It will at least give you a basic idea of what a more advanced strap-on can do.

9. Riding Crop

As the episode “La Douleur Exquise!” opens, Samantha’s being flogged at a BDSM club by the women.

Carrie returns the tools to Mr. Big.

Sex and the City offered a different kind of education, where you opened your eyes to a different world from what you were taught by the school nurse or your clumsy traditional healthcare teacher who would mouth rather than utter the word “condom.”

We learned a lot of information about one-night stands, oral fetishes, and self-pleasuring, thanks to the show and all the taboo topics it had covered.


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