How To Speed Up Your Beauty Regime

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Has your beauty regime ever had an adverse effect on your ability to remain on schedule? If so, you should take back control of your morning routine by speeding up your makeup and hair beautification process.

If you heed the following advice, you will have the capacity to look your best in double-quick time. Here are five things you must do to speed up your daily beauty regime:

Undergo professional eyebrow reconstruction

Are your eyebrows damaged or thinning? If so, you will no doubt find yourself threading them on a regular basis. More often than not, this ends up being a time-consuming task, which is why you should consider undergoing eyebrow reconstruction. This will offer you a permanent solution to your brow dilemma and, in turn, allow you to spend more time tending to your other hair beauty requirements. If you want to find out more about this type of operation, head on over to

Make use of rollers

Sculpting your curls with a curling wand requires time and effort. Rollers require neither. Simply wrap large sections of your hair with rollers, get on with the rest of your beauty regime and, just like that, you will have luscious, curly locks. If you want to optimize this hair-curling process, remember to blast your cuticles with a hair dryer before wrapping your hair in the rollers.

Invest in a microfiber hair towel

Hair drying is not a particularly time-effective operation, especially when you have a lot of locks to dry. Fortunately, you can speed up this process by investing in a microfiber hair towel. This type of towel is made up of tiny fibers that soak up water in a double-quick time. Within five minutes of stepping out of the shower, your hair will be bone dry and ready for the day ahead.

Apply liquid highlighter

The makeup application process very rarely goes exactly according to plan. When things do go awry for you, do not attempt to start afresh by scrubbing off the makeup that you have already applied. Simply infuse a little bit of liquid highlighter into it. By pressing this helpful substance into your skin, you will have the capacity to touch up your makeup and moisturize your complexion in one fell swoop. Seriously, you will be glowing!

Find a cream blush

If you are serious about speeding up your beauty regime, cream blush should be your best friend. Why cream? This is a color that can be used on your lips, cheeks, and eyelids, which means it can help you to shave precious seconds off your shade-choosing process.

To get the beat wear out of your cream blush, you must:

1. Apply your blush with your fingertips or a stippling brush

2. Always use your cream blush before applying foundation

3. Whenever you are in doubt, do not be scared to blend it out

4. Neutralize blush mistakes with the leftover foundation on your brush

5. Layer your powder blush whenever your skin is particularly oily


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