Planning the Perfect Staycation in Perth

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It can be tempting to jet off to some far-flung destination every time we get a little break from work, but it’s often worth exploring what’s on your doorstep. Australia is such a beautiful and varied country that you could have a staycation every year for the rest of your life and still not explore all of it! Although we’re not suggesting you never fly anywhere again, why not consider spending a long weekend in one of our beautiful beachside cities? Perth.

Explore Swan Valley

Western Australia is home to some staggeringly beautiful landscapes. With Perth being right on the coast, surrounded by rivers, and looked over by mountains, whichever sort of scenery is your preference, you’ll be able to find it here. One of the places that is perhaps a little less frequented by tourists than it ought to be is Swan Valley. This region is flanked by rivers to both sides and produces some of Australia’s most delicious wines. If Perth is your starting point then it’s possible to take a river cruise up to the valley, giving you a totally unique view of the landscape from the sunken river. Once you get off the boat tour just a half-day later, you’ll be dropped off conveniently close to a wine tasting restaurant, where you can just enjoy a glass, or opt for a full lunch.

Visit the Crown

If you’re after a little evening entertainment then Perth will leave you spoiled for choice. There are bars and nightclubs galore in town but if you’re after something a little different then there’s one place you should make a beeline for. The Crown Casino in Burswood is a mecca for anyone who enjoys gaming. Whether you enjoy playing poker for free online, playing slots on your mobile, or playing craps at home with your friends, there’s something really special about a visit to an imposing casino like The Crown. The casino element of the resort is home to plenty of table games and slot machines, so you can play to your heart’s content. Once you’re finished you can grab a drink at one of the exclusive resort bars. If you really like it here then you can even book a room and stay!

Live Like Kings

Perth is famous for many things, but Kings Park might just be the loveliest of them. This inner-city park is the largest in the world, spanning a staggering 400 hectares. Much of the park is used for the conservation of natural bushland, which can make a great birdwatching spot if that’s your thing. The two-thirds of the park that creeps up the side of Mount Eliza is the area that’s dedicated to bush conservation. If you’d rather spend some time somewhere a little more manicured then the botanical gardens make the perfect picnic spot. The conservation section of the botanical gardens is home to some of Australia’s endangered indigenous plants. Take a while to look around and learn about the incredible variety of native flora that can be found here.


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