Pregnancy- Signs, Causes, and Symptoms

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Pregnancy is one of the most cherished phases in a woman’s life. Planning and growing a whole new human being inside you is not an easy change and requires a lot of dedication and patience. But the fundamental aspect to understand is how to confirm if sperm went inside or the sperm that enters the female body has created the chances of pregnancy. Women believe pregnancy tests like PregaNews or ultrasounds are the only ways on how to confirm whether they are pregnant or not. However, there are many ways to know more on if sperm went inside, including observing changes in the body or behavior. Some of these signs and symptoms are as follows.

Symptoms Common to Pregnancy

There are multiple common symptoms that indicate pregnancy in women. These signs only start to show up after the sperm is confirmed to be inside the body. Some of these symptoms are missed periods or spotting, frequent visits to the bathroom for urination, heartburn, exhaustion, frequent mood swings, sudden sensitivity to smell or taste, etc. These signs are considered as an early sign of pregnancy, especially fatigue.

A few of the symptoms mentioned above are familiar to premenstrual syndrome, like bloating, mood swings, and fatigue. However, these signs mixed with missed periods indicate higher chances of pregnancy.

Know all signs and symptoms of pregnancy to prepare better and plan well ahead.

Common Signs of Pregnancy

Other than the common symptoms mentioned above, many signs can help women answer the question of how to confirm if sperm went inside. These signs are:

  • Sore and sensitive breastsThis usually happens once the sperm and the ovarian eggs start interacting, making the breasts tender because of the excess hormonal excretion of estrogen and progesterone in the body.
  • Morning sickness- Waking up feeling unwell and an undying urge to vomit together is another common sign hinting at pregnancy. This is usually because the body is having difficulty adapting to the sudden increase in hormones, especially progesterone known to reduce or slow down the activities within the body.
  • Constipation- This is not a commonly accepted sign, but because it is an added signpost to the other symptoms, it can be considered. It usually happens because the hormone progesterone slows down the digestion in the body and this indigestion, in turn, causes constipation issues.
  • Food cravings– It is one of the most hyped signs of pre-pregnancy but is not uncommon. Women who are expecting childbirth or are unsure on how to confirm if sperm went inside are usually in dilemma and stress. This, in turn, increases their physical requirements of carbs and sweets, thus increasing their food cravings.
  • Headaches- This is a confusing sign of pregnancy and usually not considered as such as it can be for multiple reasons. It can be an early sign of pregnancy as the sudden surge in blood hormones directly affects the brain. It can also be a sign of dehydration as consumption of limited liquids throughout the day can cause mild and severe headaches.

Causes of Pregnancy

There are many ways to get pregnant and the common ones that can help you know if sperm went inside, and these include the following:

Unprotected sex

One of the common causes of pregnancy is unprotected penetration sex, as it confirms the interaction between the semen and the vagina. As soon as the sperm is inside the body, it starts attaching itself to the ovarian eggs, increasing the chances of pregnancy significantly.

Broken Condom

This usually testifies as unexpected pregnancy, but the chances of getting pregnant are higher as a broken condom can result in leakage of semen into the female body. Chances of the condom breaking are minimal but not impossible.

Precum before intercourse

This usually happens when the male genitals are deeply aroused and leak out a part of their semen before ejaculation. It contains a certain number of sperm eggs that can get attached to the ovarian eggs if the vagina comes in contact with it.

Use of props during intercourse

This is not a very common practice; however, it does take place. Pregnancy through this usually happens when one or a few of the props being used during intercourse come in contact with the male semen right before it is used on the female body. The chances of semen transfer are low but not impossible. And this can lead to an unexpected pregnancy.

If you want to eliminate the guessing game of how to confirm if sperm went inside, you can always opt for other more straightforward options. These options include using protection during intercourse or trusted pregnancy tests and ultrasound to confirm pregnancy without much hassle. Always be on the lookout for the signs mentioned above and symptoms common to pregnancy and consult a doctor when required. If you are still not satisfied with your doctor, you can know more about if sperm went inside or not through various online consultation services and women’s clinics available for help 24/7.


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