How to Determine Whether the PMP Exam Fee is Reasonable?

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In recent years, more and more people take part in the PMP exam. And obtaining the PMP certificate is of great benefit to both the improvement of personal strength and the development of a career. Therefore, in recent years, the number of people taking part in the training of the PMP certificate has also begun to increase, so how to judge whether the cost of the PMP examination is reasonable in the face of many training institutions?

First, the fee of PMP examination here does not mean the registration fee of PMP examination, but whether the fee is reasonable when choosing training institutions. When judging, we should first judge from the basic courses and class hours. For example, the fee of PMP training institutions with a complete full-time course system and more class hours will be slightly higher. And if it is the weekend to attend the training institutions will naturally charge a little less.

Secondly, when judging the PMP cost, we should also judge it according to the situation of the teacher. In many cases, a week’s study with a famous teacher is better than a month’s study with an ordinary teacher. Therefore, the cost of the training institution will naturally be linked with the situation of the teacher. And if the teacher graduates from a famous school and got the PMP certificate early, and he also has a lot of experience in the management industry and has his own books and even published some books, in this case, the natural cost will be higher.

Third, in the judgment of PMP exam fees, you also need to consider what service projects are. For example, though some institutions make you pay the high cost for the PMP exam, they will provide the continuing service. Even obtaining the certificate for three years, will provide audit services. They will also help students to collect PDU. Thus the cost of these more comprehensive institutions which will provide services like that is naturally high. Therefore, when choosing a training institution, it is necessary to consider whether the cost is reasonable through these aspects, rather than simply comparing the cost.

What I just mentioned is how to judge the cost of the PMP exam when faced with various training institutions. Each student should choose a suitable training institution according to his/her own foundation and economic situation. Of course, he/she can also choose the trial course to know the training institution in advance.


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