How to make get Monetized on Youtube

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YouTube is a great platform to make your way into entrepreneurship. So if you want to know how to make money with YouTube, this is your article.

With more than 2 billion users worldwide, YouTube is the second largest social network out there. Therefore, it does not matter if you are an e-commerce entrepreneur who wants to learn how to make a YouTube channel and earn extra money through online sales or if you are interested in knowing everything you have to do to be a YouTuber. We at The Watchtower a leading and award-winning SEO Company Dubai, Mobile App Development Dubai, and Web Design Company Dubai, will provide you with all the information you need.

YouTube Partner Program

The easiest way is to upload videos to YouTube and earn money from the content created. But this has nuances. If you want to know how to make money on YouTube, it is essential to know how the YouTube partner program works in 2021.

When do you start to make money on youtube?

Youtubers will not be able to monetize any of their videos until they have been accepted into the YouTube partner program. Only when your YouTube channel gets 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours, can it be reviewed to join the partner program.

This means that you will not be able to generate income on YouTube until you reach this view count, so it is important to continue creating content and increasing the reach of your channel.

Now that you are aware of how many visits you have to have on YouTube to earn money, let’s answer some of your questions:

How much do you get paid on YouTube?: How much is a million views worth on YouTube?

There is no exact figure that can estimate what you will earn with a million views on YouTube. This platform does not reward the number of visits, but rather offers a commission for other complementary actions (advertising, super chat, membership, etc.). This implies that the greater the number of visits, the more financial compensation you will get, but the exact amount is uncertain.

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The best way to make a steady income on YouTube is by creating quality content. If your content is good, the community will be faithful to your videos and this will make your advertising income higher, that more companies want to offer you money in exchange for promoting their products, that more people want to access the premium content of your channel or be willing to pay to come out in the top positions of the comments. So visits aren’t the only thing you should be worrying about.

Youtube does not pay based on the number of subscribers you have. This figure is only important to get an idea of ​​the money that can be earned on YouTube through advertising revenue, affiliate marketing, super chat, membership, merchandising, collaborations, etc.), as we mentioned before.

How much money does a YouTuber make?

Although there are tools that estimate the income of influencers, the truth is that there is no exact way to know how much a YouTuber earns. Their main income comes from contracts/collaborations with companies (private contracts, of course), their affiliation commissions, advertising, etc.

As it may seem logical, the bigger your channel and your community, the more income you will have, but your final compensation also depends on how you manage to monetize your content, so it is impossible to know for sure how much money you make with YouTube.

We sure hope that you have learned something valuable from this article We at The Watchtower, promise to continue giving you fantastic and informative content regarding SEO Company Dubai, Mobile App Development Dubai, and Web Design Company Dubai.


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