Fragrance through Your Card

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An engagement is among the few greatest occasions in life. The joy that the moment brings knowing that the person you truly adore is going to yours forever is unexplainable. It is a moment that makes you want to throw fireworks and pop champagne all night long. You would also want to infect those around you with the feeling you’re having because it is magical. Engagement announcements are the best way to do this, especially through cards. They capture the moment and display it to anyone who looks at them. Mixbook wants this for you and that’s why they have a spectacular variety of pieces and designs for you to choose from. What is it that you are looking for?


If you are doing your announcement, you want to have the chance to decide on the tiny details that your card will have. You want a custom design with amazing photos of your choice and some quality paper shaped just the way you like. The best picture of you and your better half has always put a smile on your face every time you look at it and you want to share it through the card. In the background, you want it to have the fragrance resembling the throbbing of your heart just by the thought of the moments you’ll share. You want your message to be written boldly showing the joy that is in your life. And therefore, you look for a place that will customize everything to your liking.

Trendy Designs

Whenever you think of your Fragrance announcement, you would want your card to have the latest designs and a fancy outlook. You want a clever mix of imagery with fonts and funny twists with the wording. As you send out your cards, your desire is that anyone who receives them can relate. The choice of design shows the kind of vibes that you want people to get when they get your card. Some will have some fun feelings with maybe the bride asking the groom why he took a long time to propose. Others will have some fancy feel with silver finishes showing some Hawaiian or paradise celebratory atmosphere.


Something of value shows your Fragrance status and is also a sign of good taste. Do you want a card that has a magnificent finish and fine texture? Maybe a variety of quality papers to pick from including 100 lb, premium 100 lb, silk paper, or smooth matte? Is it your wish to have a card with a luxurious look, some glow and sparkle, and a card that you can keep in your scrapbook for a long time? Of course, this is almost on everyone’s wishlist.

Mixbook has an amazing variety of choices to pick from for your card. You have the chance to play around with different designs and sizes until you find one that suits your occasion and satisfies your heart. Mixbook also makes all these possible at significantly affordable prices. If you want to show the glow of your love and share the feeling through your card, then it is time to consider Mixbook.


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