8 Popular Websites that use the Vue. JS Framework

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Javascript frameworks are most demanding nowadays and everyone gets confused to choose best in all of them as there are so many frameworks available. But vue.js can get your confusion away as that one is better than all the others. Let’s find out which popular websites have used vue.js for their web development. This helps you to build trust on vue.js framework or you can take a consultation from Vue JS Development Company too.

Vue JS is one of the most advanced and progressive JavaScript frameworks that are in vast demand in the web development sector. Vue JS Framework enables a large number of websites to develop easier and quicker. The popular framework is appropriate for most of the standard websites due to the imperative features it possesses. With the growing time, the interest in Vue JS is also rising on a parallel note.

This article will discuss some of the most popular websites that use the Vue JS Framework.

A Brief History of Vue JS Framework

A Framework designer and developers named Evan You invented the Vue JS Framework in February 2014. Vue JS Development Company, to date, managed and maintained by the private team workers. Vue JS is an open platform and open-source framework based on the Model-View View Model (MVVM) concept. Developers use the framework to create sublime user interfaces. Developers have recognized the framework as the first choice to develop single-page heavy applications. Along with some other renowned web development frameworks like, Angular and React, Vue JS is also a successful framework for different kinds of web development.

According to Evan You, he wondered if he could just take out the best features from the Angular and would create a lightweight framework of that stature. Fortunately, he was successful in doing precisely that.

There are several reasons why most popular web development companies are using the JS framework to upgrade their performances. The framework is capable of handling more extensive and more complex websites. The installation process of Vue JS is very simple. The developers can modify the functions of the frameworks without any hassle. In the following section, we will discuss some of the pivotal functionalities of the framework.

The most significant Vue JS Development Services are as followed,

  • Simple Component Composition
  • Vast Library
  • Flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Upgraded Performance Value
  • Data Binding
  • Simple Syntax
  • Supply Appropriate Documentation
  • Virtual DOM
  • Easy Transitions

There exist several Companies using Vue JSFrameworkin the web development ground. The framework allows the company employees to advance and update their web development process with various progressive and modernized features.

A list of 8 Popular Websites that use the Vue JS framework is mentioned below,

  • Lavarel

Lavarel is one of the most upgraded PHP websites that use the Vue JS framework. The framework is enriched with several features and updates. Usage of this framework has made the backend architecture of the websites more robust. On a surprising note, Laravel itself uses the Vue JS framework to develop the frontend part.

  • Chess

We all know that chess is a top-rated game prevalent all over the world. It needs two players to play chess. The chessboard is a black and whiteboard played offline and online. In recent time, you can play the game on the official website. The website consists of nearly 30 million users on a monthly basis. The game is brilliant to sharpen your brain and can be continued for hours. The time span of the game indicates the presence of the users on the platform for a more extended period. The website must provide high-range performance and consistency to delight the users.

This is one of the most popular website worldwide using the Vue JS framework at the frontend.

  • AirCall

AirCall is a France website company that provides cloud call centres with teams and businesses. The website was launched seven years back in 2014. The website is primarily famous for VOIP business phones. The website uses JS framework to reach the set goals and peak of cloud-based SaaS application development processes. This commercial website using the Vue JS framework implies the conversion along with a satisfying experience.

  • 9GAG

9GAG is also one of the most popular websites that use Vue JS frameworks. The website started the journey in 2008. The social website platform is based in China. The website is famous among the users for ‘memes’ and other humourous and sarcastic contents. The website has a large number of fan-followers on Facebook, Twitter and other similar social media platforms.

  • Netlify

Netlify is a renowned website that provides host and backend services to other apps and websites. This website is a cloud-computing company. The company is dependent on the AWS Lambda Functions and Lets Encrypt. The website comprises a large customer base of several reputed companies like Google, Facebook, Nike, Samsung and many more. Such a high-weight website like Netlify uses the Vue JS framework as well. On an indirect note, the companies served by Netlify are also using this framework.

  • Gitlab

Gitlab is an open platform website that offers features like continuous integration and deployment pipeline. The website is a DevOps life cycle tool. The website is based in Ukraine. The website was first invented by two Ukrainian developers and, later, upgraded by Gitlab Ins. The website was first developed with the initial code written in Ruby. Gitlab uses the Vue JS framework to advance technology and performance.

  • Behance

Behance is a creation of Abode. The website was designed by developers who intended to display their artworks and designs through this web medium. The website consists of above ten lakhs of users. A very popular commercial platform like Linkedln In also uses this website.

Behance makes use of the Vue JS framework to show up their creative frontend framework. Behance primarily serves graphic designers. The website offers with excellent design experience to the users.

  • Wizz Air

Wizz Air is one of the best-known Companies using the Vue JS framework. It is a Hungary based airline company that was set up in 2003. Indigo used to be the lead investor of this company. The company serves above 44 countries and keeps the record of transporting nearly 40 million passengers in 2019.

In this digitalized era, all the large airline companies must create a digital identity to spread their service. The airline companies offer online ticket booking facility nowadays. Here again, the factor comes in that an internally-reckoned company like Wizz Air also uses the Vue JS framework to satisfy the users with a delightful flight experience altogether.

To conclude,

In the article, we have talked of 8 major websites that use Vue JS Framework to enhance their performance and service level. All of these websites and companies use the framework to support their frontend technology. If you are willing to see your company at the top of the success list, the Vue JS framework is one of the most valuable frameworks to fulfil your dream or hire dedicated developers for your project to boost your business through vuejs development.


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