Why Every Driver Is Wanting A Ceramic Coating For Their Car

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Not all car paint is created equal: automobiles that have been exposed to the elements for a long period of time experience a number of issues, like oxidation and filth build-up, which leave them looking dull or even corroded on the surface. While some cars can get away with a simple wash and wax, others need a more intense cleaning that involves a chemical solution and a professional. One of the most promising new car care solutions on the market is a ceramic coating, which is applied to the surface of the car paint to protect it from environmental factors. According to car detailing experts,, they have received a huge surge in requests from customers looking to protect their pride and joy with the ultimate form of protection.

Like many new car owners, you may have a vehicle that still looks like it is brand new. Perhaps you have a black car that you haven’t washed in three months or a white car that you haven’t waxed since you bought it. You’ve heard the horror stories, it’s better to have a car that looks like it’s been driven off the lot than to keep a shiny new car that is full of swirl marks. However, a car that is coated with swirls may not be washed until it is ready for a new paint job. So how does a car owner get the best of both worlds? One solution is to apply a ceramic coating to your car.

The nano-ceramic coating is paint protection, boasting of advanced polymer technology that is meticulously applied to your vehicle’s exterior. It is a non-stick, protective and durable coating that makes the maintenance of your car much easier. The ceramic coating usually costs more than other kinds of paint protectants, but those who are interested in a long-term investment should consider this an important choice. The secret lies in its content, consisting of Silicon Dioxide SIO2, which allows it to boast excellent protective characteristics.

The ceramic paint protection is a thin layer of a composite material that’s applied to your car’s paintwork, which in turn gives it amazing properties. The super-hard surface will help to protect your car’s body from scratches while helping it to repel dirt and rain. And since the ceramic coating is so thin, it will not affect the way your car handles, which is particularly impressive given how durable it is.

This is not to say that your car will be scratch or bulletproof. It will still get scratched upon enough physical contact, but you have a hard coating that allows it to reduce the likelihood of the scratch penetrating through the clear to the primer. It is like a sacrificial layer for your car, but harder than your factory clear coat with an unmatched level of glossiness. Even waxes and sealants do not compare to the level of shine that can be achieved through ceramic paint protection. Not just popular on cars, but this technology is heavily used in the military and construction industry, it is by no surprise that it is a huge hit with many car owners today.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to restore and maintain that gloss all year round, for many years to come.


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