7 Key Tips for Buying Ammo for Your Firearm

7 Key Tips for Buying Ammo for Your Firearm

After a crazy year, buying ammo is still a difficult process. Even in 2021, we are experiencing the same ammo shortages as last year without any light at the end of the tunnel.

Ammo flies off the shelf of every retailer within hours of it arriving in the store, and online dealers are almost always sold out.

Wondering how to buy ammo? Honestly, it’s pretty difficult right now. It’s going to take some dedication.

Natchez has very good ammo for all kinds of rifles. They provide different calibers that are produced by different brands and manufacturers.

So how do you choose the right type of ammunition for your firearm? And where can you even find it in stock? Keep reading our tips for buying ammo below.

  1. Buy the Right Caliber

Before you make an ammo purchase, it’s vital that you choose the correct caliber bullet for your firearm. You can’t mix and match different caliber bullets with your guns.

Put quite simply, using the wrong caliber ammo for a firearm can be dangerous. It’s possible to cause an explosion that can result in injury or death. It’s never worth experimenting when it comes to something as serious as firearms.

To ensure you choose the correct caliber, look at the designation on the barrel of your gun. It will tell you the exact caliber, and possibly the length of the shell, that it can shoot.

Match that up with the ammo you are considering buying. If it doesn’t match, don’t buy it. It’s not worth it.

If there’s a certain caliber you’d like to use when hunting, you could have a custom rifle made just for you. Check out Cooper Firearms for information on custom rifles.

  1. Decide Your Use Case

Once you know what type of ammo you need, it’s time to choose the right bullet. Some shells are intended for hunting. Others are better for practice shooting, as they are cheaper and less accurate.

In case you need receivers for your firearm, you may want to check 80% lowers receivers. No need to worry about legalities because 80% lowers don’t require a serial number because they are incomplete firearms.

Still, other types of ammo will be better suited to target or competition shooting. Those with experience ensure they use different types of bullets, depending on what they are shooting.

Hunters, for example, will typically want to use a bullet with a soft or hollow point, that will expand upon impact in order to kill the animal. Bullets not intended for hunting are unlikely to penetrate the animal deep enough, and shouldn’t be used.

  1. Try Different Types

For most calibers, you’re going to have different brands producing ammo, each with different characteristics and benefits. If you have the luxury of finding different types of ammo, it’s best to try out multiple types.

You may find that with your firearm, you are more accurate at long ranges with one type of bullet, but better at short ranges with a different bullet.

If you are planning to hunt, make sure you practice with your hunting ammo before hitting the field. These rounds will behave differently than cheaper, target practice rounds.

  1. Call Local Shops

Now that you know what you are looking for when it comes to buying ammo, it’s time to try and find some. Due to turbulent times as of late, firearm enthusiasts, hunters, and recreational sport shooters are stocking up on ammo.

One of the best ways to track down some rounds is to connect with your local shops. Make a list of every single store in your area that sells ammunition.

Follow their social media accounts, as they often post when they receive stock (which leads to sell-outs in hours). Every few days, give them a call and ask if they received anything.

And even when you don’t think you’re going to find any, stop in local shops any time you pass by. You never know when they get a shipment. To find ammo, you just need to be in the right place at the right time.

  1. Buying Ammo In Bulk

Why buy ammo in bulk? Bulk ammo will save you a lot of money if you are okay with purchasing a lot of a single type of round.

Plus, bulk ammo is often the only type of ammunition you can find online at the moment. These take longer to sell out, as you typically need to spend a few hundred bucks, which turns away many.

If you are looking for bulk ammunition, you will want to find a supplier that stocks and carries some of the best bulk ammo calibers and brands. In this case, a company such as BulkM could be the right choice for you.

  1. Check Online Daily

Every now and then, some of the major retailers will list ammo stock online. Many times, you can’t buy it online, but it will tell you that it’s in stock in a nearby location.

Make a quick list of websites that you can check daily for the type of rounds you are hoping to buy, and build a habit of quickly flipping through those in the morning or evening.

  1. Set Up a Google Alert

And because you can’t be in multiple places at one time, you need to utilize the almighty internet to do that for you. You can set up a Google alert, that will notify you via email whenever there is a new post or website update containing the keywords that you choose.

So if you are looking for 22 LR ammo, for example, you can create google alerts, such as;

  • 22 LR in stock
  • Restock 22 LR
  • Buy 22 LR online

And so on, and so forth. The more variations you use, the more likely Google will find a relevant result. This could make all the difference when trying to beat others to the sale.

Patience Is a Virtue

In the old days, which were only a year ago, you could walk into any store and find shelves full of ammo. You could take your pick and buy as much as you want.

Today, buying ammo is just a little bit more difficult. Hopefully, things return to normal. But if not, you’ve got to be patient and willing to look anywhere and everywhere. Otherwise, take up archery.

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