An overview of gate pass Management System

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Some years ago, workplaces or offices have guards and watchmen to enter manually the exit and entry time of the visitors. But, now with the advent of technology, a gate pass system was developed which is reliable and known for accuracy. Gate Pass Management System is a software application that is used for managing the entry and exit of visitors and employees. This system can be easily installed in various workplaces and is easy to manage well. Hence, in this post, we are giving you an overview of the gate pass management system.

# Types of Gate Pass Management System

The Gate Pass Management System is mainly divided into 3 types of modules. These are as follows:

  1. Security gate: This module is installed at the main gate which is the point of entry and exit of an office or a building. At this point, authorities can register the movements of the visitors easily and also record their photographs of who is entering and exiting the building. In addition to this, a visitor pass is printed automatically, often has a barcode printed on it that the central system can read easily.
  • Facility: In the facility, the responsible parties can check the recording as well as on web pages can access the movement details. Moreover, in the form of pop-up notifications, they can also accept entry requests.
  • Admin: All security data of a building or an office is stored in an administrator PC. Admin can approve a gate pass, limit the entry of any person or vehicle on the premises. The facility can regulate and report on all the data. Additionally, it is up to the admin to change the gate pass format on this system.

# Benefits of VizitorappVisitor Gate Pass System

There are various companies offering Visitor Gate Pass System and one such company is Vizitorapp. Hence, several benefits of the Vizitorapp Visitor Gate Pass System are as follows:

  1. For each role it clear security access settings.
  2. With the click of a button, the information is available.
  3. With the Vizitor Suite, the tool offers access data on a tablet as well as a smartphone.
  4. Accuracy of data is different from manually entering it, resulting in less significant cross-checking of the system.
  5. It generates reports for the facility and management if needed. The system also gives push notifications to the host and can invite by a one-time password.
  6. Effective storage of visitor information for scrutiny if the person enter the premises again.
  7. The system can be used to track unlimited visits in an efficient manner.
  8. It also accesses customizable cards with the logo of a company logo and an excess of other information.

# Final Words

The flexible, as well as the robust architecture of the Gate Pass Management System, allows management authorities to confirm the movement of individuals and provides various other technical benefits. So, due to the security purpose, it’s one of the important software that you must install in your workplace or premises. Therefore, we hope that this post will surely help you in understanding more about the Gate Pass Management System and its benefits.


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