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Technology is constantly evolving, and what appears cutting-edge today may become obsolete in a matter of years. With change occurring at such a rapid pace, doing what you can to maintain the quality of your important documents will save you a lot of trouble in the future. It’s where PDF/A comes in handy.

PDF/A is a variant of the PDF format that guarantees a document can be recreated precisely, in the same manner, no matter what software is used. Essentially, all of the information required to present the document and its elements, in the same manner, is embedded in the file, keeping your documents safe, accessible, and secure in the long run. To convert a PDF to PDF/A, a certain PDF converter is highly recommended and it is GogoPDF. 

GogoPDF: The Best Conversion Tool

GogoPDF is a wonderful online site that specializes in PDF editing, creation, and scanning. It has over 20 powerful, cutting-edge tools designed to boost productivity and improve workflow individually or in groups. Whether you’re a teacher, student, employee, businessman, or private individual, you’ll be managing electronic documents in minutes if you use Gogopdf’s simple interface.

It enables users to convert PDF files to document files and vice versa. It includes a comprehensive set of converter tools for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, and JPG. It is also a dual-sided converter tool that allows you to convert PDF to PDFA, Word, JPG, Excel, PowerPoint, and PNG formats, as well as compress, edit, merge, split, and repair PDF files. 

PDF to a PDF/A File Conversion Process

Convert your documents to PDF/A today to prepare them for long-term preservation. Drag and drop your PDF into the conversion box, or get it from your device. When the conversion is finished, download your new PDF/A file and save it to your computer.

When a PDF file is ISO-standardized, it can be reproduced exactly, in the same way, no matter what software will be used.

GogoPDF made sure that the PDF to PDF/A conversion tool supports all major computer operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux as part of its goal to create a seamless customer experience that efficiently serves the needs of its users. It is also compatible with a wide range of popular Web browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

Steps to Convert PDF to PDF/A file

Make sure you are connected first to the internet. To convert a PDF file to PDF/A, go to the website; then, from the services provided on the GogoPDF homepage, select “PDF to PDF/A”; and after this, select the PDF file to be converted. You can upload it directly from your device or a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also drop the PDF file into the toolbox by dragging it there. Allow enough time for the repair to be completed. Finally, send an email with a personalized message to the recipient or copy and send a sharing link generated by the server to the recipient. From the website, you can save the converted PDF to your device or directly to your Cloud account. You can also copy and paste the file link into all of your social media accounts to share your converter PDF! 

Other Functions of GogoPDF 

1.    Converting PDF

Perhaps you are like those people who are having a difficult week as a result of incomplete documents. Dozens of files are set aside because you have no idea which converter to use among thousands found on the internet. You’re losing out on something, and that’s finding the best converter. And, of course, speaking of the converter, GogoPDF will top the charts.

It can convert PDF into other formats like word document, excel, PowerPoint presentation, JPEG, PNG, HTML, and vice-versa. The most effective way to prevent an unproductive situation is to get rid of unreliable converters. If you continue to use the standard tools available, you will remain ineffective. So use GogoPDF when you’re dealing with PDF. 

2.    eSign PDF

The need for physical copies of files has decreased as the world has become more electronic. People have succumbed to using a PDF file to obtain a person’s signature rather than allocating a physical copy that must be signed. With their eSign PDF tool, GoGoPDF simplifies the process of e-signing a PDF file.

The eSign PDF tool allows users to sign or draw on PDF files using their personal computers, tablets, or smartphones, making it extremely useful, not to mention successful and cost-effective because paper costs have already been eliminated. This tool, like GoGoPDF’s other tools, is simple to use. 


The PDF/A conversion feature is an amazing tool that allows you to save your electronic documents. You can easily convert your PDFs to PDF/A using a good PDF converter, such as GogoPDF. This feature is used by anyone who requires long-term document preservation.


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