10 Things Consider Before Shopping of your German Shepherd Dog

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German shepherds are one of the famous and favourite dog breeds on the planet. We found German shepherds to beautiful, loyal and multifaceted dogs. Every dog has its own needs and its own unique (and lovable) personality. So, You must make sure you have all the necessary items ready that can make your German Shephard happy and healthy. 

Here are 11 things you must buy for your first German Shepherd Dog. 

  1. Before you get your puppy, it’s a good idea to invest in purchasing good quality dog ​​food or treats in bulk. It would be best to feed your new puppy a dog food mix that is specifically formulated for puppies younger than a certain tender age. Be aware of any sensitivities or allergies in your new puppy and provide diet options accordingly. 
  2. A fortified food bowl is an excellent tool for breeding and training a new German Shepherd puppy. Nutrition enrichment is significant for all dogs but especially important for highly intelligent breeds like german shepherd. Fortified food bowls are available on every budget. They will also prevent your new puppy from overeating quickly and avoid the sickness in the puppy.  
  3. Depending on your own preferences and training methods, you might want a kennel or dog crate for your new German Shepherd puppy. This will convey your puppy an essential sense of safety, especially at night or while at work. Let your puppy spend the minimum amount in the den. Kennel training can also protect your home from stains and clutter while still in the early stages of training. 
  4. Please don’t waste money buying a cheap, low-quality leash for your new German Shepherd puppy that will make it uncomfortable. Carefully find harmless dog leash options for your dog and choose one that you are most comfortable with. Your puppy will grow into a skilful and robust adult dog. Ensure that the leash is a good fit and not choking your Shephard. You may want to use a soft leash when your puppy is younger than an adult. 
  5. In addition to a bowl of enrichment food, it’s a good idea to prepare some other enrichment activities for your new puppy. The more enrichment options your puppy has, the less likely he is to have behavioural and health problems. Enrichment activities help prevent issues like digging trash and scratching doors. You can find enrichment toys and activities online and in-store in different budgets. You can also purchase materials for enrichment activities that your dog trainer or veterinarian may recommend. 
  6. When purchasing products for your new German Shepherd dog, make sure you buy enough toys. Make sure you get toys that you don’t have any little pieces that could choke your pup. From a young age, your puppy will be strong and have sharp teeth. More robust toys tend to last longer. There are also subscription boxes of fun dog toys and accessories to use when shopping for toys for your new dog. 
  7. An upbeat guide is essential when training a new German Shepherd puppy. You don’t require to hit or yell at your dog when he misbehaves. It’s important to have positive rewards like dog food handy when training your new puppy. You can utilise dog food to reinforce your new pup’s positive behaviour. Once you have a stable training foundation in place, you can teach your pup new tricks. It’s necessary to find good quality treats that are healthy and enjoyable for your dog. Don’t destroy your dog health with low quality treats, especially if he or she is overweight and having stomach issues. 
  8. Your new German Shepherd puppy needs an identification tag with all the essential information like the owner name and address. Most pet stores have kiosks where you can design low-priced and effective dog tags. Ensure your dog always wears a collar with a tag, even at home, in the event of potential emergencies or unexpected situations that contain at least the name and phone number of the dog. You may also want to put your name and address on your dog’s dog tags.
  9. Getting your new dog a comfortable bed is also very necessary, even if you plan on letting him sleep in bed with you. Having his own bed gives your new puppy a sense of security and keep your dog cool and comfortable with the bed, so they can sleep more comfortably at night and have a nice place to rest during the day. 
  10. Puppies love to play in dirt, mud, and water and are ubiquitous for the German Shepherd Dog. It would be best if you bought a good quality dog shampoo for your new puppy. After a long day on the tracks in the parks, or the beach, your new German shepherd will often get very muddy and dirty. Mud and dirt can produce skin problems and upset your puppy. That is why you need a good dog shampoo for baths.

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