Protect Your Goods with Void Tape

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How many times your goods have been stolen? It is pathetic to hear that many people encounter difficulties when shipping goods locally and internationally due to the lack of security. Though the tracking systems are introduced, we cannot warrantee the safety of the goods. As a result of the socio-economic problems due to the pandemic, you never know how many people have become thieves.

There are diverse methods to protect your goods without being missing. Out of all the methods, void tapes can be considered as one of the best solutions. You can purchase your seal today from, the void tape distributor.

In this article, let us thoroughly examine why is it important to protect goods when shipping and the available solutions. Keep reading.

Why Packaging is important when shipping goods?

No matter you send a small number of items, your priority should be the protection of the items. Obviously, many of the items are fragile and easily subjected to damages. Besides these reasons, let us see why packaging is important when shipping.  

  1. Minimizing risks of loss

The best benefit of packaging is that it minimizes the risks of losing the items. If your packing skills are poor, the parcel may automatically open or even split apart. Packaging is the only way to make sure that your parcel reaches the destination safely. So, a securely packed parcel will always reduce the risks of loss.

  • Avoiding damage

Damages are one of the most commonly heard issues when shipping goods internationally. The majority of people think avoiding damages are inevitable. But they are wrong. Honestly, secure packaging will never cause damages to the items. Mainly when you ship, glassware, electric equipment, fragile items, you must think about packaging a lot.

  • Professional sense

If you are sending your items to an organization, company, the packaging should look professional. Even if you are sending a gift to a friend abroad, your parcel should be neat and well packaged. In addition to that, a well-packaged parcel will be carefully taken by the authorities rather than a parcel with fewer packing attempts. Sometimes, the unprofessionally packed parcels do not reach the destination as they are rejected by the authorities. Therefore, it is necessary to do the packaging properly as it can be a reflection of yourself.  

How to Protect Goods from Shipping Hazards?

Here are the best methods to protect your goods from unexpected shipping hazards. We never know what will happens to the package while moving, therefore, it is good to follow these steps to protect your goods from damage.

  1. Use heavy cardboard boxes

You can use two-ply cardboard for heavy packages. The packages need to be strong to bear if another package is kept upon it when transporting. Remember your package is not transported in isolation. So, it should have strong protection in order to place with other packages.

  • Use quality cushioning

There are many cushioning options out there; inflatables, bubble wraps, Regi foam help to provide extra protection to your items. Since these materials do not increase the weight that much, it does not cause outrageous shipping costs.

  • Apply adhesive tapes

By using tapes, you can prevent anyone from opening your box. Use at least 3 – 4 long pieces of tape to cover the opening areas of the box. If you feel like that is not sufficient, you can use bands for additional security.

  • Protect Your Goods with Void Tape

I would recommend void security tape for advanced protection of your package. The void security tapes come with a standard void security message and a plan surface. If anyone attempts to open the package the opened message will become visible. So, you can get to know if anyone has attempted to break the package.

Final Thoughts

Giving high protection to your goods while shipping is a part of your duty. You have to make sure the package is ready to dispatch only if it fulfills the proper packaging needs. Otherwise, it may be subjected to unexpected situations like, stealing, missing, and breaking up of items. If that happens, you will end up being disappointed yet no one cannot help you.

Therefore, be wise! and follow the best packaging methods to protect your goods.


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