Top Entertainment Should Be a Priority for Your Next Event or Gala

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Fun and entertainment are the key markers of a successful event; therefore, they should be the key priorities in event planning. Besides the venue, most events are all about food, beverages, interaction and entertainment.

Through entertainment, event attendees can enjoy themselves and leave in high spirits and good memories.

 It is therefore important that event organizers and planners prioritize top entertainment to make the experience unforgettable.

Entertainment encompasses all the event elements from the general setting outlook, including the arrangement, decor and lighting to the music system, dance and games at the event. For optimal entertainment, book an event entertainer in Montreal.

Impressing attendees is quite a task that requires skills and high levels of creativity. Even with the diversification of events, the critical role of entertainment still applies across all forms.

Whether you are hosting a physical, virtual or hybrid event, you will need entertainment input. The type of entertainment depends on the event. For example, you will choose slow and mild jams and a slightly warm theme for corporate events.

Here are basic tips to have in mind when planning for event entertainment.

1.  Budget

It is good practice to factor in entertainment cost in the overall event budget. It includes the cost of hiring entertainers and any supporting elements such as additional furniture or platforms on which they perform, lighting and sound systems.

A good planner knows how to make estimates for entertainment and avoid any surprise elements.

2.  Aim at giving the attendees a great experience

Your event attendees deserve nothing but the best, hence the need to invest in top entertainment.

Creative entertainers can present new ideas with a little extra thrill which keeps the guest woke and happy.

3.  Consider the audience

The selected form of entertainment should be appropriate and acceptable to all groups of people present at the event.

You don’t want to have ear pricking music and overly bright lights at a fundraiser with some older people.

4.  Beware of the objective.

Entertainment for the event should be relevant to the event itself. It should pass the right message for the event’s objective.

There are countless ideas for top entertainment for your event. Some of these include:

        i.    Music System

The type of songs selected should be relevant to the party. It can be classical songs, jazz, reggae, RnB, hip-hop, rhumba, etc.

The sound can be projected through quality speaker systems. For hybrid events, headsets with creative lighting bands can be used for the ultimate fun experience.

An experienced DJ will play a major role in bringing the event to life with the best music rhythm for the event. Addition of images and videos while involving the audience will equate to a breathtaking experience.

The introduction of live bands, live artists, and karaoke makes the event more engaging and keeps the attendees captivated and fully present in the sessions.

Music is not limited to indoor events only. It is equally effective in the outdoors. The attendees can also engage in dance challenges for some of their favourite songs.

      ii.    Audio Visual entertainment

Broadcasting images and videos on screens using projectors gets the attention of the attendees. It is common in movie centres and cinema halls.

The quality of the screen and the content to be projected is important. The associated sound system should be good for the audience.

Video games can also be a good form of entertainment.

    iii.    Games and Contests

Engaging activities are a good opportunity for the attendees to mingle and interact while having fun. The selected games should be appropriate for all groups.

Attaching prizes to every win in contests challenges the audience to participate as well as cheer their teams. It is a good way of team building.

    iv.    Hosting roasts and interesting speakers

Funny speakers can relay important information in a fun manner. Moderated jokes and sessions to casually roast respected figures will keep the audience entertained.

There are several other interesting shows such as holograms, circus magic and drone shows.

Contextual shows can be entertaining for the right target groups, such as cooking shows and mixology class.

For open day events, safari can be a good form of entertainment.

In virtual events, you can choose virtual concerts, virtual game challenges, team movies, event chat rooms, etc.

The entertainment industry is expanding at a high rate, especially with the advancements in technology. It is vital to keep up with the latest trends for new ideas to entertain guests at your next event.


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