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Dirty Marks On Your House Exterior? Have Them Removed Using Pressure Washing

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A luminous exterior of a home is something that everybody wants. Home is not only meant to be decorated inside but even the exterior matters a lot. For example the windows, the glasses, the gate, the patio, furniture, walls, etc. The exterior decor is equally important and at the same time maintenance is also a crucial element. Home is not safe from natural pollution; the exterior gets affected in multiple ways. Sometimes the dirt, dust and the grime is not visible but it is present. Over the period if you are unable to maintain the exterior the grime deepens and the exteriors of the home fade. Find the best solution in pressure washing in Laval at affordable rates.

Don’t worry it can be done easily; there are many techniques today to clean the exteriors of the home and bring the beauty of the home back.

 Have you ever heard of the word pressure washing? It is a technique to clean the exterior of the home right from the walls, the woodwork, glasses, and more. It also removes any piled-up and accumulated dust, grime, oil, grease, calcium build-up, etc.

There are two types of pressure washers; basically, a pressure washer pumps pressure through the hose and squirts water on the dirty areas with extreme pressure to clean them. The pump requires to be powered which may be by gas or electricity.

Gas pressure washers:

 With higher pounds of pressure per square inch and gallons of water per minute, the gas pressure washers are better than electric washes because they offer the highest pressure and power which means more clean surfaces. In addition to the power and speed levels, the gas pressure washers have more options and they are highly efficient compared to the electric models. Moreover, the gas pressure washers can be used anywhere because they don’t need power outlets so you can use the gas pressure washers in any area without power sockets also.

Electric pressure washers:

These are more convenient options compared to the gas pressure washers because they are available and you don’t have to worry about the fumes emitted from the gas models. The electric pressure washers are safe and require low maintenance.

Size of the pressure washer

The size of the pressure washer determines the power through which the water is pumped because the size of the engine determines the intensity of the water pressure. Small engines will not be able to help you to remove piled-up dust and accumulated grime therefore it is necessary to understand which size is required for your exteriors.

The engines are broadly categorized into four types:

Light duty: Light duty pressure washers are sufficient for occasional cleaning of households like small balconies, veranda, floor, or even small furniture. The pressure levels are below 2,000 PSI therefore it is suitable for small places and occasional cleaning.

Medium-duty: If you want to clean the entire fencing or the lawn, driveways then you can opt for medium-duty pressure washers, they offer pressure levels between 2000 to 2800 psi.

 Heavy-duty: Heavy duty pressure washers go beyond the pressure levels of 2500 and below 3500 psi therefore if you are looking for cleaning large areas, concrete walls, or concrete floor then you can make use of heavy-duty washers.

 Professional: As the name suggests professional pressure washers are required if you are looking for an entire cleanup of the exteriors of your home for example repainting thoroughly cleaning every tile, floor, gates, doors, windows, and furniture you would require water pressure levels higher than 3300 PSI.

In addition to the pressure and engine also remember the GPM measurement while choosing the pressure washer.

How to use a pressure washer?

Firstly, pressure washing is not a DIY technique; it requires some knowledge and awareness of using the product because it requires proper stroke and angle setting. Professional teams can get the right result because they understand the kind of engine and pressure that is suitable for the exteriors.

Pressure washing is a messy job so wearing the right clothes is important. You also need to have eyes and ears protection because the high pressure can throw the debris and dirt back on you. Ensure that you make use of both hands because the high pressure cannot be controlled with one hand. Keep in mind to stay away from the cleaning area to avoid any damage or risk because the water will flow as fast as possible and it might cause harm. Try to wear safety gear because if you are pressure washing old paint it might flake off the lead paint chips which can be hazardous to health if it is inhaled or ingested accidentally. Always spray in even motion, do not hurry, and don’t stop or begin spraying from the middle of the surface. Use proper overlapping stroke technique to avoid visibility of lines.

Pressure washing will give you a clean and tidy exterior look and it helps you to maintain the beauty of the home from the outside. Yet, it is not something that everybody can do therefore hiring a professional is wise to get the best results.


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