In Conversation with Umer Idrisi, Entrepreneur & Blogger from Pakistan

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I rarely interview people, but when I do, I pick the ones who did something unique and here I have a gem-interview with a lot of golden tips and informative words that can help you beat your competition with blogging and earn money online even when you are not aware of how blogging works. I asked Umer Idrisi, owner of AllBlogThings and a solopreneur to say his words about his blogging success. As he is one of the top 10 bloggers in Pakistan, he shared “I started blogging (professionally) in February 2014 and till now, I am really satisfied with my choice of not doing a 9 to 5 job,” the full interview is here:

What Are the Blogging Platforms That Offer Good Services?

According to me, the best ever and free blogging platform is Google Blogger which offers you 100 free blogs with unlimited hosting, posts, comments and even free image and video hosting. Almost everything you may need to handle your 100 blogs. The best part of this service, its free and comes from Google, so there will be no downtime or speed issues. The second best is WordPress and third could be Medium or Wix. You can choose your best, but if you are not using Blogger, you should go for self-hosted WordPress as WordPress CMS is the #1 content management system and works very well on every web hosting service.

Why Do You Think Blogging Is the Best Way to Earn Money?

I think blogging is one of the best ways to make money online before selling your digital products and then starting your e-commerce website. Yes, blogging is also the best way to promote your digital and physical products online, this means, whatever you are doing online to earn money, blogging can help you double your profits. As you can promote your product, services and platforms or do affiliate marketing using your blog and monetize it with generating leads, selling products or helping other businesses to increase their sales. This is how I think blogging is the best way to earn money online.

What Are Some Other Best Ways to Make Money Online?

According to me, the best ways after blogging for making money online are Freelancing, SAAS, VA Jobs, Digital Products, Trading, and matching freelancers with brands. These are one of the best jobs that everyone can start without paying any special training, all of these tasks can be done using the dedicated platforms and you will find other freelancers and experts for helping you in any step you are stuck in.

What Do You Think About Freelancing?

Freelancing is really a popular job nowadays and it comes with fruitful results and also the shocking downfalls. As you can quickly start selling your services online using Freelancer, Guru or Fiverr and other freelancing platforms, without paying anything. There will be downfalls such as account blocking, payment issues and client satisfaction. The best way to make sure that you can be a good freelancer is to polish your skills and always stay updated with the latest changes in your market. However, I am not a fan of freelancing as most of the top and biggest freelancers (I know) have left freelancing and started their own marketing agencies, they must be doing something good and for a reason. What do you say?

What Do You Think About Personal Branding?

Blogging, it’s about personal branding too. When you are blogging, even if you are doing it on another platform, you will be doing personal branding by putting your name as the author name. This is how wonderful blogging is and for brands and company owners, personal branding can do wonders. Just think about why the Apple CEO represented the iPhone’s latest model himself? Why did he act in the commercial? and why does Elon Musk always talk about his ventures on his Twitter account? they are doing personal branding, people know their brands and companies with their names. That’s the real game changer.

What Are Some Biggest Challenges for Beginners at Blogging?

There are a few challenges that a newbie blogger can face and some of them are: Typing skills, Topic research, Keyword Research, Logo design, Theme editing, SEO and getting traffic. As without these skills (especially the last one) blogging will not give you anything. You should start working on all of these skills and make sure that you are always practicing the new methods and leveraging your experience for doing more than what you can. This is the only way for becoming a pro blogger.

Who Do You Want to Credit Your Success To?

First of all, Google, then Muhammad Mustafa who really helped me with his blog posts. I learned from Darren, Neil, and a lot from Youtube videos and reading articles on various blogs. You can follow the same rule and achieve success by reading latest updates, finding best tips on Youtube and patiently working on new methods of blogging.

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