Houston Oil Refinery Accidents

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The discovery of oil reserves in West Texas contributed greatly to Houston’s growth in the 20th century, and oil refining has played an important role in the local economy for decades. However, people who work in the petroleum refining industry are exposed to the risk of serious injury or death daily.

Oil refineries are known to be one of the most dangerous places to work, and when accidents do occur, they are generally on such a large scale that they immediately become national news. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident or an explosion while doing work for Western Refining or any other oil refinery, reach out to Zehl & Associates, so our experienced refinery explosion attorney can help you obtain compensation for your losses.

About Oil Refinery Accident Lawsuits

An oil refinery is a petrochemical industrial plant in which substances derived from crude oil are obtained, removing impurities through transformation and refining products such as gasoline, diesel, asphalt, kerosene, liquefied gas, oils and fuels. It also produces petrochemicals such as ethylene and propylene. Refining (purifying) the crude oil extracted from an oil well and converting it into various products usable in industry and households is what a refinery does. Crude oil is heated, and the hot gases are transported to the bottom of a distillation column. There the gases are directed to the top of the column and are condensed into a liquid.

The most common causes of accidents in oil refineries

Complex equipment in an oil refinery requires constant and ongoing maintenance to keep it in optimal operating condition and safe for workers to use. Even the smallest defect or malfunction of machinery can cause a catastrophic accident.

Unfortunately, many companies skimp on routine inspections, ongoing maintenance, and proper staff training to avoid the high expense of following proper security measures or simple negligence. To meet the great demand for gasoline and other refined petroleum products, the company often places its demands above worker safety.

Compensate you for your injury

Oil refinery accidents happen for a variety of different reasons. Pipes that become thin from continuous use, concrete that cracks from normal wear and tear, gas leaks, and other hazards can easily lead to fires and explosions. Workers are also injured by falling or being struck by falling objects or equipment or by trucks. The worst accidents involve explosions that kill many and injure several dozen more, while an accident that injures or kills a single worker is already a tragedy. If you are an employee or a contractor, we encourage you to contact our firm for a free consultation with a Houston personal injury attorney.

Our expert team at Zehl & Associates can study the situation to determine if you have grounds to be compensated for damages caused to the person, worker’s insurance or wrongful death lawsuit; we will be ready to act immediately to defend your right to the compensation you deserve!


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