Another Falls Victim to Microtransactions

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Whilst the big modern games come in a huge variety of styles, the common theme much like any business is within the need to make money with a few different approaches being the typical approach. Whilst some like the biggest betting sites at and the growing number of online casino games rely on player spending as a core part of their business, others include buy-to-play models as the most common, pay-to-play subscription-based models which aren’t as common anymore, and something becoming more common recently in pay-to-win or pay-to-progress games, as microtransactions become key.

It’s no surprise that many are going for the latter option given how profitable it has been for the biggest games, but another anticipated release has since went in the same direction with the latest update, and the poor timing could spell bad news for the game – Amazon Studios ambitious MMORPG of New World is set to release later this year with a late summer release, with such a big name behind it and strong early positive signs with a relatively low buy-to-play cost and no subscription lowered the barrier for entry for new players looking for a new experience, and although there had been some expectations that cosmetics may be introduced at a later date, it has certainly been a pull many were willing to swallow.

The latest update has instead suggested that there may be a premium currency introduced to the game which will start to lean more towards the buy-to-win side of gaming that many have come to dislike, and showing a more greedy approach to the future of the game. Some good news perhaps is that the developers have been receptive to good changes for previous updates and have delivered on what the community want, and given this announcement was made so early with the goal of garnering a response it does leave the door open for adjustment too, but with a huge company behind the game and shareholders to please, it seems a mostly forgone conclusion that some form of this system will likely remain.

The bad news for many hopefully fans is that it could kill the game before it ever releases – many big profile names have already said that interest for the release has certainly dropped following this announcement and that if the system were to remain in place they may be unlikely to play at all, and would certainly be a sentiment shared by many other players too, given many other games have shown over time that there are certainly more successful ways to approach this it does raise the question of why implement it knowing that it would likely receive a negative reaction, but with profit margins seeming so large for those that have been successful, in many ways the money speaks for itself.


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