How to Use Animated Explainer Videos for Educational Purpose?

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Explainer videos for education are increasingly being used for a variety of purposes. For example, children educational video is great content not only for entertainment TV shows and YouTube channels. If your business is selling baby products or you are advertising educational centers, an educational video is also the perfect way to get attention. For students and adults, the topic of assimilating new information always remains open. People study, master new professions, improve their qualifications. All this is much easier to do if the materials are presented in a concise manner. And if the picture moves at the same time, memorization improves by 80-85%! Are you still in doubt if you need to film thevideo for educational purposes?

Ways to create effective videos

For the installation of simple information products, many services and templates have been created. They are great when you have a great idea and a clear plan for how to implement it. If you do not know where to start, then it is better to turn to specialists. For example, on the page you can see examples of work and ask questions to professional marketers and installation specialists.

How to work with templates?

They are usually intuitive for the average user. On their basis, you can make pretty attractive animated presentations. Knowledge of the program is minimized. Instead of choosing the necessary, didactically grounded, animation effect in the usual PowerPoint, it is enough to do the following:

• You choose the style that suits you;

• Choose from the library or insert a piece of music from your computer;

• Add the required group of animated objects to the program (you can enter your own images).

The programs are designed in such a way that all animation objects are set to a positive one. Therefore, as a rule, videos look easy regardless of your experience. Most often, the program allows not only drawing, but also providing musical, noise accompaniment, oral comments.

Some constructors offer an interesting step-by-step drawing effect. The viewer follows the hand and sees how an image of a hero or a landscape appears out of nothing. This is even more involved in the process. It is good if the videos can be saved in PowerPoint format or immediately published to the YouTube channel.

What materials can be reflected in the video?

Animation adapts any information so easily that even student notes can be made to move. The services have a rubricator with a large collection of ready-made drawings, including those by education. You can download PowerPoint files and use the contents of those files in your scripts. Thus, instead of writing a script from scratch, you just need to download a PowerPoint presentation, and the program will read and even read the text by itself. You drag and drop symbols on the stage background and then choose how long each symbol will be displayed on the screen. You can also set the time during which each character in the scene will be in motion.

A quality service allows you to add interactive elements to your video. You can insert clickable buttons into every frame of your video. Buttons can be anchored to any web page you like. When students watch your video, they can click buttons to go to the desired web page.

How to build a learning process?

By using short videos, you can engage your audience and secure your advertising. Longer videos are used to explain the material. The length of the video is regulated depending on the age category of viewers. The training course can consist of a series of videos. Also, the course can be divided into levels with verification of intermediate results.


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