What Is a Water Conditioning System and the Benefits?

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The decision to switch to a water conditioning system may be the best decision for you and your home. 

Many homeowners don’t understand the difference between a water softener and a water conditioner. They miss out on what could be the best option for their home because they don’t have all the information. While both are effective at treating your hard water supply, a water conditioning system may be a better fit for your health and can even extend the life of a new appliance. 

In this article, we discuss the benefits of water conditioners including how they can improve the taste and smell of your tap water. Continue reading to see if this system is the best for you and your family.

What Is a Water Conditioning System?

A water conditioning system is a system that removes contaminants from your hard water supply. It uses chemicals such as chlorine to remove lead and other substances found in contaminated water.

How Does It Differ from a Water Softener System?

The biggest difference between a water conditioner and a water softener is the use of salt and reverse osmosis in a water softener. Water softeners remove dissolved minerals ions found in your hard water supply and replace them with the ions found in salt. 

Because of this process, the system needs salt added to it periodically. This changes the flavor of your tap water slightly. 

In contrast, a water conditioner works in one of two ways. The first type filters out contaminants that alter the smell and flavor of your hard water supply. Other systems change the structure of minerals found in contaminated water.

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What Are the Benefits?

The differences between a water softener system and a water conditioning system might seem minimal, but they produce different results. Using a water conditioner can benefit your health and appliances, too. 

Remove Water Impurities

If you enjoy fresh, natural tasting water, you’ll enjoy owning a water conditioning system. We discussed how this system removes impurities that cause strong odors in your hard water supply.

However, another benefit is that it does not replace these impurities with salt, which changes the taste. So, using this system improves the taste and smell of your water.

Increase Pipe Lifespan

Your hard water supply is tough on new appliances and can even shorten their lifespan due to scale build-up. This also applies to your pipes and other water fixtures. 

A water conditioner will save your new appliances by preventing this build-up. Plus, it will help them run more efficiently. 

Health Benefits

One of the most enjoyed benefits of a water softening system involves the benefits to your family’s overall health. Your hard water supply is filled with contaminated water that is hard on your skin and hair. This results in residue build-up and dry hair and skin. 

In addition, if you have family members with certain medical conditions, adding salt through a water softener is not ideal. Since water conditioners do not use sodium to remove impurities, you can reduce your overall sodium intake.

Improve Water Flow

We discussed scale build-up and its negative effects on your appliances. However, it also affects your water flow. 

As minerals build up in your pipes, the less room there is for water. This means you have diminished water flow. Water conditioners remove this build-up and improve your home’s water flow.

Get Your Water Conditioning System

Don’t overlook the benefits of a water conditioning system for your home. If you like the idea of improved water flow, improved health, and better-tasting water, this is the option for you.

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