Unique Father’s Day Gifts that your Dad will Love

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Father’s Day is an annual celebration on the third Sunday of June. Take this time to thank your father, stepdad or grandfather for everything they have done for you. Whether it’s a simple thank your or a personalized gift, make sure your dad knows just how much he means to you.

You could arrange a fun-filled family day out for Father’s Day, followed by a Sunday roast. Or you could enjoy a relaxing movie day at home and treat your dad to all of his favourite food. Here are some ideas on what to get your dad for Father’s Day this year.

Beard trimmer

If your dad has grown a lockdown beard, treat him to an at-home beard care kit. You can include beard oil, trimmers and a comb to keep his beard looking fresh and stylish all summer long. 

Dad jokes book

Every dad enjoys some silly jokes from time to time. Get your father a jokes book that he can enjoy on an evening with a beer or in the bathroom. Just bear in mind, you will be hearing dad jokes regularly for the next few weeks!

Personalised mug

A personalised item shows you put thought and effort into your Father’s Day gift. Buy a personalised mug for your dad to drink his morning coffee out of you. You can personalise it with a photo of both you, his initials or a kind message. The choice is up to you.  

Sleep aid device

A well-rested dad is a happy dad. If your dad struggles to sleep at night, it might be time to get him some noise-cancelling headphones or another sleep aid device. If you’re on a budget, you could get him a sleep mask and pillow spray to help him sleep well. Or, for those on a bigger budget – invest in the latest technology to help your dad get his beauty sleep.

Day out

Your dad might prefer to spend some quality time with you over receiving a physical gift. Organise a fishing trip or city break for the two of you to catch up and build some memories together. Just make sure to organise the transport, accommodation and a few fun activities before you set off. Remember, this is a time for your dad to relax and enjoy family time without worrying about the trip’s logistics.

Father’s day is a special holiday that should be spent relaxing and having fun.


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