10 of the Tastiest Restaurants in Orange County

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Orange County is known for its restaurant and nightlife scene. There’s such a wide variety of different places to eat and some of the best chefs in the country are spread out all over the region. There’s no denying that Orange County has an impressive selection of restaurants to choose from. If you’re dining out in the OC, these are the 10 tastiest restaurants you need to try:

#1: Grilled Cheese Society

This is one of the top spots in Orange County to stop for lunch. The only thing better than classic comfort food is when a professional chef is able to add their own special flair to it. Grilled Cheese Society has many different spins on this classic sandwich and all the sides that pair best, so everyone can find something they like on the menu.

#2: Garlic and Chives

When you’re in the mood for an Asain fusion meal, this is one of the most popular spots to go. They have an impressive menu to choose from and even do party-sized trays for catering. To make life easier for their customers, they now have the option to order a meal online.

#3: Mix Mix Kitchen Bar

Award-winning Chef Ross Pangilinan opened up Mix Mix Kitchen Bar as a way to introduce globally inspired dishes to the region. He is a Filipino chef who draws inspiration from Italian and French cuisine and breaks the barrier of traditional cooking.

#4: Taco Maria

This is one of the most popular modern restaurants in Orange County for many reasons. One in particular is that Chef Carlos Salgado is always on the hunt to find pre-hispanic ingredients to work with, giving his dishes a more authentic taste. 

#5: Vaca

For a romantic night out, Vaca always delivers a fine dining experience to remember. This restaurant does get some special attention because Chef Amar Santana had an appearance on top chef. However, his magic in the kitchen is what keeps people coming back. 

#6: Olea

For a more casual dining experience, Olea is known for its wider bar and comfortable patio. This place keeps earning positive reviews for making casual plates taste like gourmet food. 

#7: Louie’s By The Bay

When it comes to a full dining experience, nobody does it better than the Italians. Louie’s By The Bay is praised as one of the best Italian restaurants in all of Orange County. On top of having one of the meatiest menus, this restaurant also features a 180 view of Newport Beach.

#8: Lido Bottle Works

This trendy eatery is an Instagram hotspot. Everything about this place has a summery vibe, making people feel like it’s summer vacation all the time (even if it is just for dinner). This restaurant is focused on their crafty drink menu, but they also cook up some of your favorite summertime meals. 

#9: Ironwood

Ironwood is one of the most popular meet-up spots for locals. Their menu features something for everyone, and their chefs know how to impress. This restaurant lets the flavors do all the talking.

#10: Marche Moderne

If you were worried that fine dining was going out of style, this restaurant has found a way to bring it back. They take a classic French menu and put a modern twist on it to attract a new generation of diners to the scene.

Final Thoughts:

When you’re looking for a place to eat in Orange County, the selections are endless. These are the top 10 restaurants to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for comfort food or a more cultural experience, you will find it in Orange County’s restaurant scene.


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