5 Tips on Elevating Your Mezcal Drinks

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Commonly compared to tequila, mezcal’s bolder and wilder taste can be intimidating for newbies. The varieties that it can be consumed in, is mystifying and does little to curb any confusion.

 To help, there are a few tips that we have collected from mezcal enthusiasts that will relieve you as you find your way in this dangerous new territory. Gradually, you will come to know what to expect and even begin to enjoy the versatility of a mezcal cocktail. 

Tips to elevate your mezcal drinks

Start Simple

To truly understand the flavors of mezcal, it is important to start simple. Don’t grab the most expensive bottle, or the most complicated drink at the bar. Instead, opt for an espadín which is one of the most popular drinks for those who would like to taste mezcal for the first time.

Opt for a clean mezcal and take gradual sips and drink water in between to remain hydrated. It’s a stepping stone off of which you can begin to experience new combinations and truly appreciate mezcal cocktails. 

Experience the Regions

Mezcal is made from agave, which is brewed in various regions to give rise to the various flavors of the drink. Give yourself the time to taste the different drinks and find the one best suited to you. You will now have a better understanding of your own preferences, which you can use to create cocktails that you actually enjoy. 

Check ABV 

Mezcal is required as per law to be distilled to an ABV (alcohol by volume) between 36 to 55 percent. When looking for a mezcal, try to make sure that its ABV is between 45 to 55 percent. The reason for this is that the flavors of the spirit, properly present themselves when there is a higher volume of alcohol to support it.

 The organoleptic properties of mezcal are better expressed in this range without losing any of its flavor. 

Small sips

Many people make the mistake of consuming mezcal in the form of shots. They consume all of the spirit in one gulp, ignoring the many aspects that makes mezcal so flavorful. Pouring the mezcal into a clay cup and sipping it gradually is the right way to do so.

The shape of the cup is wider at the top, so that the aromas of the drink may be enjoyed. You allow as many of your five senses to indulge the experience of Drinking mezcals

Worm Salt

The worm salt is exactly what it sounds like. The larvae that come out of the agave plant, are crushed up into a fine powder, mixed into salt and used as a condiment for its spicy-salty taste. This worm salt enhances the flavor of the mezcal, and sprinkling some into the drink is the best way to do so. 


Mezcal drinks and cocktails can offer you a satisfying experience thanks to the spirit’s unique complexities. However, taking the time to incorporate these tips can help you enjoy the versatile beverage a lot more.


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