How to Look Elegant and Sexy on a Budget

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When you think about looking more elegant and sexier, you might understandably think those two styles are a contradiction in terminology.

Actually, it’s quite possible to combine elegance and sexiness; think about movie stars of old like Grace Kelly who exuded sophistication and sex appeal. Other celebrities from that era also had a knack for pulling off this look with ease.

For modern-day fashionistas like you who are interested in making your appearance more sophisticated and sexier — but without spending a ton of money — you’re in luck. Indeed, you can certainly find fashion pieces that will help you look sexy and elegant at affordable prices. For example, check out the following ideas:

Start with Lovely Lingerie

One way to boost your level of elegance and sexiness is to start with pieces that (most) people will never see: beautiful lingerie. There’s something about knowing you’re wearing a beautiful garter or teddy under your clothes that will instantly make you feel more sophisticated. In particular, Yandy offers a wide selection of lingerie that you can order from the comfort of home and which is reasonably priced.

Wear Heels, But Not Too High

One of the quickest ways to look elegant and sexy at once is by wearing heels. Now, you’ll want to resist the urge to go with five-inch stilettos that you can barely walk in; instead, opt for heels that look gorgeous and are anywhere from one and a half to three inches. Best of all? You’ll look amazing and won’t risk twisting an ankle.

Go with a Monochromatic Look

Another easy way to look more sophisticated with a touch of sex appeal is to choose monochromatic outfits. Going with all-black clothing is always a great choice, as the color tends to flatter most bodies and also makes you look taller. If you like more color, go with blue — for example, denim jeans and a navy blouse, or red would also work well. One quick note about jeans: No matter what color you wear, avoid the “ripped-on-purpose” look that’s trendy right now. While you might think it’s sexy, it won’t do much in the way of looking sophisticated.

Add Some Simple Jewelry

A beautiful gold bracelet, opal earrings, or a plain silver chain with a pretty pendant will all do wonders for your elegant and sexy style. Steer clear, however, of garish and clunky bracelets and earrings and instead go for something that will complement what you’re wearing — not draw attention away from it. Of course, you don’t have to go for the “real” versions of these pieces, either; gold and silver-plated is fine, and budget-friendly and lab-created opals look like the real thing.

Go Easy on the Cosmetics

Another effective way to up your sexy and elegant quotient is by using a light hand when applying makeup. A touch of foundation and under-eye concealer to cover splotchy skin and dark circles is fine, along with a bit of eyeliner in a basic color like brown or black, a neutral eye shadow, and some mascara. The one place on your face that can handle a nice pop of color while looking sexier and more elegant is your lips. Thinking back to the movie stars from decades ago, they often were seen wearing red lipstick that made them look oh-so debonaire.

Embrace Your Elegantly Sexy Self

Clearly, sexy and elegant are not either/or looks, as you can definitely up your sophistication and sexiness at the same time. By wearing lingerie under your outfit for the day, opting for high-ish heels, treating yourself to some new lipstick, and choosing outfits in one flattering color, you’ll definitely look the part of a sophisticated and sexy A-lister in a budget-friendly way.


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