How to Save an Instagram Profile Picture with Tools & Apps

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Instagram is a treasure trove of unique, creative, and inspiring content. And as for the profile photo, that’s an art form in its own right: every user is careful when creating and deciding on a profile picture. Profile images are like a business card for each user because we explore a new account by an image and then look at their profile as a whole. But IG has its limitations that we have to put up with (or not). I mean the inability to see the profile photo “up close” and, even worse, to download it.

Whatever the reason for downloading the photo, it is important to keep in mind some essential things:

  1. A saved photo may not be used for commercial purposes, edited or represented as your authorship, as this would violate the rights of the photo’s author.
  2. If you want to publish a downloaded photo or even edit it somehow, you should first ask the author for permission (doing so without the author’s permission would also be an infringement), and only after his approval should you proceed as planned.
  3. Be aware that sometimes an uploaded photo may be of poor quality because it was initially like this (although profile photos are often of good quality).

So, here I’m going to represent you with some methods or tools/apps that can help you download your or other users’ profile picture (or view it in detail) to your computer/mobile. Well, let’s be clear on how to download your Instagram profile picture or an image of another user.

How to save a profile picture to PC

For example, InstaDP (plus Stories and highlights downloading), ThumbTube, Insta Downloader, Gramvio, image saver by Bigbangram service, and other downloaders are developed for saving and zooming profile photos in online mode. So, they don’t require installation as such online tools are web-based.

To upload or just zoom an image using web savers:

  • you need to visit one of a tool page with a browser from your device;
  • go to Insta to copy a username whose profile image you wish to get in full size;
  • return to the online downloader and insert the username into an entry box;
  • press a download button (depending on a tool, the name of the button may be different) and then press on a full-sized image to save it to your pc folder.

NB: most such downloaders are compatible with phones too.

How to save a profile picture to Android

Profile Picture Download for Instagram; Profile Picture Downloader & Zoom for Instagram; Qeek for Instagram (zooming); Insfull; Insta Big Profile Photo are app variations for uploading profile images to Android photo gallery.

To upload or zoom an image using special applications:

  • first, install an application from Play Store and then go to Insta to copy the username whose Instagram profile pic you desire to install;
  • then go back to the app and insert the name into an entry field;
  • zoom in an image or save it to your Android photo gallery.

How to save a profile picture to iPhone

To enlarge or upload a photo to your iPhone, you may use the IGProfile for Instagram, Qeek (zooming) apps and upload images to a phone gallery.

The apps for iPhones operate in the same way as in the previous case: install a tool, insert a username and then enlarge a photo or save it to mobile.

If you don’t like to proceed to third-party instrument usage, you are free to get images on your iPhone using the web downloaders described above.

I hope I’ve answered the question about how to download your Instagram profile picture (or other users) and that this straightforward and short guide will come in handy for you one day.


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