Why Should I invest in Ripple?

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Ripple, also known as XRP, is one of the first generations of altcoins after Bitcoin was created in 2008. The aim of these altcoins was to serve as an alternative coin to use as means of payment or services whenever there’s congestion on the Bitcoin network. At the time, the fees on the Bitcoin network became unbearable for investors, hence, the development of altcoins (alternative coins).

Ripple, like every other cryptocurrency, has its uniqueness that separates it from others. However, it doesn’t limit the fact that it’s decentralized and a virtual currency. Investing in Ripple or buying Ripple as it were means you’ve had first-hand knowledge about what the coin is about or its advantages over others. Peradventure y

ou haven’t had any knowledge of this coin, here’s your big chance. One of the unique features of Ripple, unlike litecoin and Bitcoin, is that it’s a payment protocol with the ability to streamline cross-border and international payment worldwide. You can buy Ripple or invest in Ripple anywhere around the globe, on the go. But hey! Check this out!

Why is Ripple a gem?

There have been many technical analyses as to why Ripple is a good investment any Investor could dabble into. Although most institutions don’t focus on these coins but here, right now, I’ll be exposing us to some of the few reasons why you should invest in Ripple with little or no risk at all

  • It’s pocket-friendly:

While there are lots of crypto investors crying over spilt milk of “the price of Bitcoin is too gigantic,” just a few of these investors and private institutions are taking steps in searching for the next gem. Note that Bitcoin started as a not very reputable coin before becoming the gem it is today. So, if it’s pocket-friendly, then it’s Ripple. Currently, Ripple is trading at $0.89, making it very cheap to accumulate. With $200, you can acquire as many ripples as your wallet can hodl pending the time when its price skyrockets like it did in 2018, hitting an ATH of $3.10. However, there have been quite a number of analysis regarding the future of this coin. It is believed to push past the $1,000 mark in the next ten years.

  • It creates opportunities and solves complex problems:

One of the essential benefits of crypto to humanity is that it puts financial capabilities in the hands of the masses. Making the supply of money somewhat elastic. It’s important to note that when you, as an investor, buy Ripple either for short-term trading or long-term hodl, you are also helping solve problems on the blockchain. As transactions are being executed daily, consequently, more opportunities are set for price-takers and buyers.

Ripple, as explained above, is used to facilitating financial transactions. Hence, it helps solve financial difficulties and increase the flow of capital in an economy. This contributes to the economy’s national income and increases the citizen’s propensity to save.

It should be noted; however, that, Ripple is not made for large scale business owners alone; small scale business owners could also adopt it. Here, it creates an ecosystem where millions of entrepreneurs and traders can co-exist with access to the economy at large.

  • Transition into CBDCs:

In March 2021, Ripple announced they are on the verge of creating private ledgers based on the XRP public ledger. The CBDCs is the Central Bank for Digital Currencies. Ripple claims their network handles tens of thousands of transactions per second and could be increased to hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.

With these features, several financial institutions and banks may adopt the private section of the XRP ledger. The probability of private endeavours is slowly becoming feasible on the XRP network.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and IOTA are the pioneers of cryptocurrency, and till this very moment, their use cases and growth have been outstanding. While they have their distinguishing feature, it’s impossible for any active investors not to notice the increase in the XRP blockchain. If you haven’t heard of Ripple then, take your time to study the above reasons why you should invest in Ripple.

By a wide margin, it’s one of the few coins any investor can invest in and ensure maximum returns. Its growth is steady, and returns are enormous. XRP is trading on all trading platforms, making it relatively easy to buy Ripple at your fingertips. It’s advisable to buy now while it’s still very cheap before it sets for the moon as it’s being said in the crypto community.


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