Do streamers really need Netflix to transform into a Subscription Gaming Service?

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Do you like watching American Netflix? Well, that’s a rhetorical question. What else can you do on Netflix rather than streaming content?

But what about going to Netflix for gaming?

Netflix is considering its own gaming service. In fact, Netflix is allegedly looking for a gaming executive to look after its expansion into the gaming niche.

The surge in the gaming demand during the pandemic captured a lot of traction, and it seemed a potential market to unearth for financial gains.

However, the Netflix decision of penetrating video games is not out of the blue decision. It has been experimenting for some time with different interactive content like You vs. Wild and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch that allows the streamers to alter character’s movements. Furthermore, the game based on popular Netflix original shows such as Money Heist and Stranger Things were already signaling towards this Netflix decision.

Nonetheless, the question that arises here is; are streamers ready to adapt Netflix as a gaming subscription service?

Before answering this question, let’s understand Netflix thoughts behind this decision.

What Inspired Netflix

According to The Information reports, Netflix will offer a series of games for online subscriptions inspired by the “Apple Arcade” model.

In contrast, many industry experts claimed that gaming giants like Sony, Microsoft, Apple, and Google are actually attempting to create a “Netflix of Games” service by offering unlimited gaming titles for a fixed monthly subscription.

Maybe that’s what inspired Netflix to look at this as a missed opportunity or market gap that encouraged the streaming service to take tentative steps in the gaming market with experimentation.

Gaming Development: A Challenge for Netflix

One of the important topics missing from this debate is whether Netflix will develop its own game and rely on third-party developers? Although Netflix gaming service’s major competitor, Apple Arcade, is filled with celebrated gaming franchises and third-party developers,  outsourcing is one of Apple’s core competencies that Netflix could not ace. And, if we look into the past, Google’s Stadia debacle is a great source to learn the significance of having exclusive titles on gaming subscription services.

Furthermore, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now & Plus are standing firm in the gaming market with their exclusive titles, including Halo, Minecraft, and God of War.

Netflix will confront some major challenges in filling up its gaming library and developing classic exclusive gaming titles.

Edge for Netflix

Netflix Originals are the trump card that helps it keep afloat and making it one of the leading streaming services in the world. Solely on external content, Netflix would not get the competitive edge that keeps it at the pinnacle.

The solid Netflix Original helps the service to stand out, and it would be wise to leverage these by turning its original titles into exclusive games. Netflix has already experimented with Stanger Things and Money Heist video games and gained a tremendous response. With no shortage of successful original titles, Netflix can easily leverage the popular original titles to generate mass hysteria.

Will Streamers Accept it?

It is really early to tell how the streamers will welcome the Netflix gaming subscription service. However, being a streamer myself, I would say it would be highly dependent on its positioning. If there is a gaming section (like an add-on) within my Netflix account where I do not have to sign up on any other gaming service, and I can play exclusive video games based on their original Netflix shows, I am all up for this service.

Still, there is very little information available with so many rumors regarding this service, so it is very early to tell and speculate the streamer’s response.


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