Why You May Need a New Accountant and How to Find One

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Most entrepreneurs and business owners don’t have extensive backgrounds in accounting firm Denver or finances – which means having the best accountant is important. However, not all accountants are the same. Even if you’ve had an excellent experience for many years with a specific financial expert, sometimes a change is needed. This article will look at signs you need a new accountant and the right way to find one.

Reasons to Select a New Accountant

There are many reasons that your business might be better off with a new accountant Denver , but we want to talk about the most common ones. A few reasons to consider a change include:

  • Paying too much – If you’re paying far more for your accountant than you think, it’s time to shop around. Take a look at other accountants in the area, what they cost, and what services they offer.
  • Excessive charges – Do you need to pay every time you get accounting advice? This can be a sign that you need a new expert in your corner. Many accountants are happy to provide advice without sending a new invoice each time. Consider your options.
  • No understanding of your business – If the accountant you have doesn’t show interest in your business, that’s a bad sign. They need to know your ambitions and objectives to ensure the financial work is done right. You shouldn’t settle for being just another client.
  • Old technology still in use – An accountant who does everything on paper may not be the right choice in our modern world. With hundreds of types of accounting software available today, your accountant should be using one to prevent errors and get things done quickly.

Choosing a New Accountant

If you know it’s time for a new accountant, you might be wondering what steps you should take to ensure the one you choose is perfect for your business. This starts with being aware of what you need. For instance, someone who wants tax planning advice needs different services than a person who needs monthly bookkeeping tasks handled.

One way to find a new accountant is by asking for recommendations. Other small business owners may have a great accountant that is perfect for your situation. Make sure you ask questions about how it has been to work with the accountant and what kind of budget is needed for the services you desire. Once you have a few names on a list, think about researching your options online to get more information and see reviews.

Comparing fees, checking on the type of technology an account uses, and asking about reporting frequency will bring you closer to finding the right accountant for your business. However, don’t just choose the first accountant that has good reviews and the services you need. It’s important to be selective and part of that comes down to knowing your options. Interview several accountants and then compare them to each other.

Sometimes a new accountant is what you need to succeed. If you’re in the Denver area, Venture CPA Denver offers a variety of services that can ensure your finances are fully taken care of. You can reach out to us to learn more and ask questions.


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