What Is the Best Gift for a Toddler?

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Finding the right gift is never easy, but when picking one out for a toddler, it should be both fun and educational. It’s important to pick a toy that aligns with your youngster’s current stage of development—one that actually hones the skills and abilities starting to surface at that age.

If your child loves tractors or dolls, is partial to building blocks, or would rather read and look at picture books more often than not, you’ll find there are great options for him or her on this list of best gifts to give a toddler.

The Best Toys To Gift Your Little Toddler

From toys that encourage counting and motor skills to connecting dots, building towers, and enhancing social skills, there’s a good chance you’ll find the perfect plaything for your youngster on this list of ideal gifts for toddlers.

Classic Mega Bloks

The case of “nothing is better than the classics” might have already been debunked in multiple industries, but the Mega Bloks is a special case where child development is concerned. At an age where children are starting to develop confidence in putting items together or on top of each other to build something, this really is the perfect gift.

Did we mention it has received multiple awards? If that isn’t reason enough to secure your little one a set, we don’t know what is. If you aren’t already familiar with this educational toy, it comes with 80 durable blocks ergonomically designed for a toddler’s hand. Your little ones won’t be crying trying to figure them out, either, because they easily snap and unsnap for amazing sessions of constructive fun.

Button Arts and Crafts by Alex Toys

What makes button art great for toddlers is it helps boost hand-eye coordination, encourages imaginative play, and improves fine motor skills. The colorful buttons are chunky and snap in and out of place easily. Children can do tons of activities with them, including completing the ten sets of pictures that come with the set.

Kids Drum Set by KidiBeats

Encouraging a child’s love for music at a young age is one of the best things you can do for your little one. You should have a little bit of an easier time getting them started by introducing the Kids Drum Set by KidiBeats. Why is it easier? Well, because what child wouldn’t love to play with this cute set of drums that lights up, produces sounds, and provides interesting tidbits?

It comes with a trio of drum pads and a cymbal that lets your youngster jam to the beat of several melodies. It also has different modes for letters, phonics, memorization, and a little bit of math in the form of counting.

P Is for Potty Book by Sesame Street

If you’re a parent to a two-year-old, chances are you know the characters of Sesame street by heart. Toddlers just love these characters, and they love it even more when they start to become part of their journey through childhood.

In one of many Sesame Street bestselling books, they teach toddlers the importance of going to the potty the right way. We can just imagine what a relief it must be for some parents to have something about potty training their kids will actually listen to. So, it won’t just be the youngsters who end up loving these books; even the parents will thank the heavens for this godsend.

Not many works of literature can help ease little ones into potty-related activities, but this book has proven to do the job quite effectively.

Number Lovin’ Oven by LeapFrog

Most kids start to develop a curiosity for numbers at two years old, so you want to take advantage of this by introducing them to this smart, innovative toy. The Number Lovin’ Oven offers so much variety in terms of phrases, songs, and ingredients with numeric representations. It also encourages the exploration of math through interactive play.

Toddlers love to pretend they’re chefs or cooks, which makes this toy that combines pretend play and math activities; a recipe for learning success. Your little cooks can slice bread and hear the frying sounds and the ding of the oven, all while improving their math skills.

Shopping Cart by Little Tikes

You’ve probably brought your toddler grocery shopping a few times by now. You might have already experienced their curiosity about the activity firsthand, too. With the Little Tikes Shopping Cart, you can encourage them to get creative as they play the role of mom or dad at the supermarket.

So, What Gift Should You Give Your Little One?

These are but six of the multitude of fun, educational toys you can give your toddlers. Don’t hesitate to do more research if you feel there are better playthings in store out there. You can also educate yourself more on the ideal toys for toddlers to be sure you present something that makes a long-term positive impact on your youngster.


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