5 Stereotypes About Gaming in Portugal We Need to Smash Right Now

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What myths do you know about gaming? While many will be shocked to learn that there are still misconceptions that some people have about gaming in society, there are those that agree they exist.

The thought that the current generation grew in the era of video games and other forms of games makes the myths sound irrelevant. Unfortunately, the older generation still believes in them.

We all understand that the new order of gaming in Portugal today is online. It’s challenging to know whether the myths are referring to gaming in general or online gaming. The bottom line is that myths still exist.

Probably you may not be aware of some of the gaming stereotypes that exist to date about casino gaming. That’s why we linked up with one of our expert gamer Victoria Oliveira (check profile), to enlighten you about some of them.

Gaming is a waste of time

Parents and other non-gamers believe that gaming mainly involves doing nothing but staring at the screen. They view the hours spent in front of the gaming machines or screens as a waste. That’s because they believe that gamers would have used the hours in other constructive things.

Unknown to them, gaming stimulates the gamer’s mind, unlike when they fail to engage in other productive activities. With the advent of gaming technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, it has become more attractive to players than before.

VR equipment will put the gamers in the real world of gaming action. Furthermore, the video games that the Portuguese play frequently can be useful in developing amazing skills. The players will also become more stimulated and social, thus making their lives better.

Online casino gamers are anti-social and don’t have friends

Walking in the cities of Portugal today, you will be astonished by the few players you will meet when you visit the casinos. But that’s because of the present global pandemic. As a result, many players have resorted to playing in casino sites such as those on casinos online Portugal.

They provide the convenience that will make you play your favourite games on them frequently. That has been possible even for those who love multi-gaming. It’s been possible to play games together with friends and relatives.

On the contrary, some people believe that online gaming limits social interactions and makes gamers anti-social, but that’s not right.

Video games have been the source of youth violence

Even though there has been no study to prove that video games are why players break into violence frequently, it remains a belief among many non-gamers and those who dislike gaming.

Some games aren’t allowed for a specific age, but that does not certify it as a source of violence to a particular age group. There is no piece of evidence to support the phrase that video games encourage violence among the youth. It’s only the video game myths and legends that make it look real.

In real-life situations, video games provide real comfort, motivational and social benefits. That shows that continued association with them will not have any detrimental effect on the gamers. To children, playing video games will enhance their problem-solving and spatial skills.

No girls play video games

Historically, the video gaming sector has been predominated by males. But that does not mean that females are not into video gaming. Some video games myths state that without men, the video game market cannot thrive for long.

That’s not true because women are also into gaming. There is a wide range of gaming that allows both genders to participate, provided they have the needed gaming skills. The percentage of women playing casino games has increased over time.

Only unemployed individuals should be gaming

It’s believed that gaming consumes time and that only those not with formal commitments should engage in the activity. As much as that may sound true, it remains a belief. Gaming is for everyone. It’s only the timing that varies.

The employed do play their favourite games in the evening after work and over the weekends. There is also a belief that online games should be mainly for teenagers. Therefore, when you enjoy your favourite game on the casino site, you might be judged that you are doing what’s not appropriate for you.

As you can see from the above highlights regarding gaming stereotypes, there are many misconceptions that many people have had about gaming. We hope that by now, you know the truth lying behind gaming.


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