Do Exotic Animals Make Good Pets?

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Owning an exotic animal might sound exciting but there is a lot to consider before bringing one into your home. One of the first things is the ethics of owning an exotic pet. Some people (illegaly) own animals that should really be in the wild. Exotic animals are known as such for a reason, and the type of animal you want to own might not be suitable for your home environment.

Another important factor to consider is the legality of owning an exotic animal. Some animals, such as big cats, alligators, and slow lorises, are illegal to own in many US states. The reason for this is partly due to the fact that they are wild animals that are not suitable for being around humans. They might be dangerous or venomous, or will simply not thrive in a domestic setting.

Another reason is that, if they are not native to the area, the animals might become a pest. Introducing a wild animal from another country is an extremely dangerous thing to do. Especially if you introduce more than one and they breed.

With all of that in mind, there are still some super cool exotic pets that you can safely adopt into your home. Here are some exotic pets which will be a safe and fun addition to your family.

  1. Tarantulas

Now, this might not be a creature that everyone will be keen to have in their home. But, if you’re a fan of spiders, a tarantula is one of the most interesting that you can own. You might be wondering about the fact that tarantulas are venomous but this shouldn’t be a concern for humans.

Tarantulas are venomous but only use their venom to paralyze their prey. Their venom is not fatal, instead, they use their fangs to kill their prey. In fact, tarantula venom is no stronger than the venom of a bee.

That said, you shouldn’t really get close enough to risk being bitten by a tarantula. Some especially friendly tarantulas might not mind you picking them up, but most hate being handled by humans. Tarantulas prefer to hide themselves away in dark spaces.

This means that they will need to be kept in a tank with plenty of hiding places. They might not be the cuddliest of pets but they are definitely exotic.

  • Armadillo Girdled Lizard

Lizards are definitely some of the coolest creatures on the planet. Especially the armadillo girdled lizard. This is a creature that will make you do a double-take and wonder if you actually saw a mini dragon. A pet armadillo lizard is definitely one of the coolest and easiest exotic pets to own.

These scaly creatures look amazing and make surprisingly good pets. They are very docile and are easy to look after. One of the downsides to many exotic pets is their exotic diets and needs. But this isn’t the case with an armadillo girdled lizard. They simply need to be fed small insects and spiders and be provided with water and shelter.

Armadillo girdled lizards get their name from the fact that they curl up. They don’t curl up quite into the same ball shape as a real armadillo. Instead, they curve up and hold the end of their tail in their mouth.

They curl up in order to defend themselves when they feel threatened, which is the same as a real armadillo. When they curl up, their thick scales act as an armor to protect them. This means that a pet armadillo lizard will hopefully not curl up too often.

  • Llamas

Pet llamas might not seem very exotic but they are definitely something different. Llamas are native to South America, so will be considered exotic in North America and other countries.

Llamas are gentle and docile creatures that are often used for therapy and their wool can be sheared to make clothing. They will need quite a bit of outdoor space, so will be similar to owning a horse or a donkey. But they will be worth it for how sweet and cute they are.

That said, llamas are notorious for their spitting. They are cute and docile but won’t hesitate to defend themselves when threatened. So this is definitely something to consider but also a plus as they rival guard dogs in their ability to ward strangers off a property.

Another important thing to consider is that llamas are herd animals. So you can’t buy one alone as they will need to be with others.


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