Educate children for the professions of the future

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As unemployment soars across the world in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and global economies struggle to recover from a deep recession, many people will be thinking about what their work futures look like. In addition, many parents will be thinking about what their children will be doing in the future.

Many of the jobs we currently do did not exist 100 years ago. Some roles such as social media positions did not exist even 10 years ago. It is highly likely that children of school age now will end up doing unimaginable jobs that have not been invented yet.

What will the future of work look like?

The answer is that we just do not know. According to a World Economic Forum report, 65% of children entering primary school today will end up working in jobs that currently do not exist.

Making an assessment on what the future of work looks like is therefore extremely hard. What we do know is that there are certain skills that will help your children flourish in an ever-changing world.

Skills can you teach your kids to prepare for the future

Cultivating a robust and flexible skillset for the future is essential for the development of our children. Beyond investing in classroom essentials like rulers or notepads, these are the skills you can teach your children now:


Empathy is the best skill you can cultivate in your child for the future. Our world needs more understanding and kindness to help us face our challenges together. Teaching your child to be empathetic and kind to others will greatly improve their chances of thriving in a future work environment.


Grit is something we all need. The ability to stay in something, even when it gets hard, and make it to the end goal regardless. We don’t know what the jobs of the future might look like, but we do know they will need determined and committed employees for them to succeed.


The world is a truly global place and many of the world’s largest corporations operate on a multinational level. Learning multiple languages can help children navigate a global workplace and improve their prospects for international work placements.


Gone are the days of rampant competition between colleagues. Collaboration is here to stay as is community building. Teaching your child to work well with others will help them to thrive in their careers and make a positive change for the world.


Staying adaptable to shifting sands, as it were, is an important skill to learn. Even in our current careers, being flwexible and adaptable to changing situations helps us to accept, face and deal with changing circumstances when they occur. Children need to learn this skill.

Innovative thinking

The world is facing some existential threats over the next century, if we don’t address them now, many of our children won’t have a future to work towards. To address these issues effectively, workforces will need to come up with ever-innovative ideas.


Cultivating a sustainable mindset and eco outlook will help children navigate some of the biggest challenges the workplace of the future faces. Learning how to be carbon negative and think in circular economical terms will benefit your child and the planet long term.


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