The most iconic summer transfers of World Football in 2021

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Summer time is the silly season in its prime, but there’s nothing silly in the transfer market. Teams rationally enquire their director and coaches as to spot the squad’s deficiencies, in order to use their money wisely and sack the best players to improve their team. We know, as a fact, that the European football creates falling dominoes that affect all teams: once a big shark purchases a player, that player will need to be replaced, and so on… As such, it’s interesting not only to look at the big transfers, but how the money flowing in and out of teams will have an impact on the general look of the top teams’ squads.

Today, we are having a look at the top 5 transfers in this summer so far, so let’s not waste any more time:

David Alaba

A monster of a left back, David Alaba was prone to play his entire career on Bayern Munich. Nonetheless, and probably due to Covid 19, Munich wasn’t able to match the requisites of Alaba, and, sure enough, Real Madrid snatched the player, who can perform in Marcelo’s place, or even play in the midfield. In Austria’s 3-1 EURO win against North Macedonia you could see how good he plays when he’s got the game in front of him. He started as the inner central defender in a 3-5-2 formation and odds are good, that he will play more games in EURO 2020 on this remarkable position.

Real Madrid got a big bargain, and Alaba got the chance to play in the biggest Champions Cup winner in all of Europe. Let’s hope he makes it.

Dayot Upamecano

Upamecano was yet another success of the scouts of RB Leipzig. There’s no secret as of right now that Red Bull teams have an outstanding scout team, but Upamecano is kind of a clone of Koulibaly, only younger and with a wider potential. Bayern may have lost Alaba, but Upamecano is just the right choice to play in the central area of defense of the Bundesliga Champion, and due to his talent, he will probably but a central piece in no time.

Ibrahim Konaté

If there’s something success will bring you in football, it is jealous teams looking forward to snatch your best players. RB Leipzig is suffering from their own European and national success, and is losing not only Upamecano but also Konaté. Konaté is considered to be certain at Liverpool, creating the need for Leipzig to reformulate their center-back position.

For Liverpool, it couldn’t be better. Once Dijk is recovered, Liverpool promises an outstanding duo on the defensive line, that can live up to their once invincible reign on the Premier League.

Georginio Wijnaldum

It may be that Thiago arrived at Liverpool that forced Wijnaldum’s decision, or it may be the opportunity to play at PSG and be coached by Pochettino. Be that as it may, it seems certain that he is a PSG player now, and will have the opportunity to provide the likes of Neymar, Mbappé, Icardi, Dí Maria, etc., with assists and the tactical composure they need to freely roam on the last 3rd part of the pitch, where they truly shine.


This one is a sheer guess, but one we can indulge in. If you’re the type of guy that likes a challenge, take this as a wild guess. Let’s have a look on one of the hottest prospects in current football and some reasons why he could be the next big and iconic deal: number one, Haaland wants a team that can lead him to European glory; second, the Spanish teams are in no position to snatch him, as their debts are raising and they are already dealing with overpriced and overaged squads. The circumstances lead me to believe that they are only three teams who can snatch him: Manchester United, Manchester City or Chelsea. The real question is: do any of the teams have what it takes to make such a bet?


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