Top Seven Exhilarating Gifts Perfect For That Special Woman In Your Life

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She’s your special lady. Maybe the mother of your children, or your devoted wife. Perhaps that special lady is your daughter? Either way, she deserves an exhilarating luxury gift, be it for her birthday or any special occasion. But what to get her? It’s hard to determine sometimes what to get the woman in your life when it seems like she has everything and then some, but the guarantees are that she doesn’t have everything her heart desires.

If talking to her about what she wants doesn’t open any doors for you, then maybe take a look at some of these exciting ideas.

 A Tech Gadget

Is your lady technically savvy? Maybe it’s time for her to replace her phone? There are many things for the tech-guru out there to make her life a little easier. Maybe a smartwatch? A brand-new camera or blue tooth speakers? There are items out there that will track for her, maybe a workout tracker or food tracker? Maybe your lady is into music? Then noise-canceling headphones would be a great pick. Maybe she needs an assistant?

Google Assistant or Amazon Echo Dot are great ideas, too; even a smart security camera would be a great pick! Tech gadgets are fun and up-to-date and almost certain head-turning items for your gal.

 A Kitchen Gadget

There are so many fun things on the market now for kitchens that make cooking an easier feat. Is your lady a wanna-be chef? Or maybe she is already an amazing cook and enjoys every moment she spends in the kitchen? What about a new air-fryer? A mixer with all of the new gadgets? Perhaps a Thermomix or a state-of-the-art microwave oven? What about an ‘anywhere tabletop fireplace’ to create an ambiance next to one of her new chef creations? Or, a beautiful personalized apron with a brand new personalized towel set and oven mitts? Whatever luxury kitchen item you cook up as her gift, she’s going to love!


Nothing is as timeless as jewelry. Every woman deserves a luxury piece at least once in her life. So why not make it now? There are some amazing jewelry gifts out there she would love. A tennis bracelet or a beautiful diamond necklace with matching diamond earrings are a great fit. Maybe locket jewelry, something to put on a chain with a photo of you and her in it?

Hair jewelry is a big thing too. A conversation piece headband, barrettes, or a hat can be an amazing gift that she can appreciate for years to come. Jewelry sometimes says things without words, and she will appreciate that you took the time to pick a piece out with her in mind. A personalized name ring for instance, will show her how much you think of her and how important she is to you.

A Trip

Nothing says an exhilarating gift like a trip. Maybe start with a hotel voucher? Does your lady like the mountains? The beach? Maybe an antique town? Find the perfect location that you know she’ll love and start your hotel search. Once you find that perfect hotel, make sure you get a beautiful card to put the voucher in.

This is the type of gift she can be completely immersed in, so let your imagination go. She’s going to be thrilled when you present her with something like this – this is a unique and very special type of gift.

Custom Star Maps

These are very popular now. Think of the place you first met, the place where you shared your first kiss. If it’s your daughter, maybe the place she was born, or a place that you share an extra special memory? This is a thinking outside of the box gift and one she will truly love.

 Luxury Candles

Women of all ages love candles, but not just any run-of-the-mill candle. There are very beautiful and richly scented candles out there in fragrances she’ll love. Maybe she has a favorite perfume or a favorite scent from a special place that you’ve visited? The chances are that she’d love the memory of that place when it’s in a candle.


You can’t go wrong with lingerie for your wife or girlfriend. A luxurious silk piece or soft lace from a luxury retailer in her favorite color will really wow her in the right direction. Then, pair it with her favorite perfume and or body products.

Whatever you choose, any of these gifts are luxurious; pick out the one you think is right for her, and you can’t go wrong. If all else fails, there are always beautiful expensive restaurants. Order an amazing bottle of wine and a four-course meal. The gift of a date – spending time with her alone, is something that will never go out of style no matter what. The most exhilarating gift you can give a lady that you love and has everything is the gift of your time.


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