Trends of b2b ecommerce website development

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Businesses viewed B2C eCommerce as desirable but not available. But times are changing. Here are the hottest B2B ecommerce trends we expect to see in 2021.

Artificial intelligence – oriented customer experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – The science and development of machine learning computer systems is already working with the consumer when it comes to reducing user activity in search engines, displaying the most appropriate ads for them, optimizing the site design, or identifying the most relevant product recommendations. Artificial intelligence capabilities are the cornerstone of personalized customer service and the key to online shopping success.

Gartner predicts that personalization technology could drive online retailers’ profits by more than 15% by 2021.

B2B ecommerce website development should evolve and embed personalization using technologies derived from B2C and apply them appropriately to the needs of B2B technology.

Sequential universal commerce

B2B eCommerce is much more voluminous and more complex than B2C, which implies the placement of many options for opportunities and choices, both for the buyer and for the seller – payments, delivery, price lists, etc. In addition, shoppers are used to extensive human interaction when making their purchases.

When it comes to using multiple commercial channels in B2B – the Internet, mobile phone, telephone communication and face-to-face meeting – the advantages of B2B eCommerce become obvious, but it is quite difficult to translate these broad capabilities into the functionality of an online store technologically.

The key to a successful multi-channel approach is to deliver a consistent experience across all channels, giving customers easy access to online and offline channels, as well as sales reps that can connect to the buying process at any time.

We expect businesses to continue to focus on fundamental technologies in 2021 in order to succeed in their omnichannel strategy.

Video content

Video has taken the internet by storm. People cannot get fed up with this, and entrepreneurs should take advantage of it. Videos can be especially useful for industries selling items that require visual assessment, complex products that may require some specialized knowledge from the shopper.

We expect to see a lot more video content consumed in B2B sales processes, especially when it comes to telling a brand story, providing product reviews, and proving brand / product value through customer testimonials.

Voice commerce

Alice, Echo, Alexa, Siri, and a host of other software and hardware voice assistants make life even easier for consumers. After all, what could be more intuitive than our own voice? Unsurprisingly, 50% of searches will be voice searches by 2021.

Voice commerce is no longer an opportunity for the future. Users accept it and it quickly becomes popular. In 2021, be prepared to use a voice commerce strategy not only as a supportive one, starting with search and, but perhaps it will have to be expanded to other areas of B2B interaction on


What is a chatbot? It is a computer program designed to interact (“chat”) with customers, answer their questions and provide them with any assistance to optimize the shopping process. In fact, this is another manifestation of personalized customer interaction, but much more interactive.

B2B ecommerce apps are likely to focus on basic customer support, evolving over time into personalized recommendations and more complex sales interactions.

Augmented reality (AR, VR)

Further Evolution of Customer Service – AR and VR provide visual, interactive and immersive experiences. While this technology is currently used primarily by retailers to serve high wow-rate customers, some brands are already experimenting with such technologies using mobile apps such as:

·    Sephora Virtual Artist;

·    Tap Painter.

AR is great, but its applicability for B2B ecommerce has yet to be proven.


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