Planning a Family Vacation? Check Out These Money-saving Tips

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Cost of Flight tickets, hotel rates, entry fee of amusement parks or museums – do you calculate them before thinking about all the fun you may have when you travel with your family? A vacation is the best gift you can offer to your family. It enables you all to form a stronger bond and create memories. Your children gain new experiences, and you get to spend more time with them. It’s fun and adventurous! But alas, we can’t do that very frequently. Traveling with family is fun, but it costs a lot.

Along with buying expensive plane tickets, you have to look for comfortable accommodations that further add to your budget. You must be thinking how awesome it would be if there were some tricks or hacks to travel with all your loved ones without exceeding your budget. Well, there certainly are some ways that may allow you to take your dream vacations with those you love the most and in this blog post, we’ll discuss them all.

Book Last minute flights tickets smart guide

If you have plans to travel with your family, you must not wait till your departure date to do your bookings. Finding last minute flights for a group is extremly hard. It’s seen that airfares shoot up within the fourteen days of travel date and the same goes for hotels. So better avoid overpaying than missing on the best airfare deals. Waiting for airline tickets and hotel deals is not advisable if you are traveling in a group. Planning your family trip advance will also offer you the luxury of being flexible with your dates. Leaving a couple of days early or late may fetch you an incredible offer.

Save on flights with individual bookings

I know you are excited about your trip but don’t buy airlines tickets for everyone in your family in a single purchase. Airlines often have multiple price categories for tickets and when you buy for a group they charge you the highest airfare. Search for flight tickets as a single person and you may see the difference in airfare. Booking as individual travelers can indeed save you a lot on airplane tickets. For instance, if you are booking tickets for your family of four and the price points are $200, $225, $250 and $275, all the four plane tickets will be for $275 and you would pay $1100 instead of $950.                   

Club your cheap airline tickets hotel bookings

Congratulations if you could find cheap flight tickets for your family. Now, bundle up your booking by adding hotels to the same itinerary. Sometimes, the OTAs offer the combinations of certain flights and hotels at a discounted price. Compare the total price of individual bookings with the airline and hotel package and see if you are able to save anything. A little homework before you fill out your card details can save you a significant amount of money. 

Visit a less popular destination

Ditch the popular traveler destinations and visit their lesser popular alternatives to score cheap flight tickets and accommodations. You must visit New York City at least once in your lifetime but if you are slightly tight on budget, you can consider visiting Philadelphia, a city known for its history, restaurants and theaters. Getting click with the historic Liberty Bell in the background must be as good as getting clicked with the iconic Statue of Liberty on the back. Likewise, you can visit Portugal instead of France or Italy. 

Grab affordable plane tickets by traveling in shoulder months

Traveling in peak seasons doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to enjoy the best of the city. You can instead do some homework and pick a season that boasts temperate weather conditions and reasonable plane tickets and hotel prices. Another advantage of traveling in shoulder months is that the famous traveler destinations and restaurants will not be swarmed with tourists and your family would not have to wait in long queues. Miami’s subtropical climate remains pleasantly warm throughout the year but since most travelers visit this beach paradise in winters you can find fairly cheap accommodations and flights in spring months.

Look for discount offers on airlines tickets

Since you are starting your bargain hunting months before your travel date, you may as well like to spend some time on the Internet finding discount offers on flights and hotels. Besides, check if you or any of your family members qualifies for student or military or any other discount offers. You can also check with your credit card company if they offer any cash back or discounts on travel bookings. Using your frequent flyer miles as well is a credible way of slashing down your overall booking cost.



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