3 Must-Haves For A Successful Big Wedding

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As most of you already know, the atmosphere of an event is highly dependent on the hosts and the music, but there are other factors that contribute to the success of a wedding party as well. When it comes to a surprising wedding, the sky’s the limit and the budget should be your only concern. From stand-up comedy numbers to magic tricks performed live for the crowd, the list can go and on and nothing seems too much for your attendees.

Just when we thought the world had seen it all, the pandemic situation has made more and more wedding planners and future couples innovate and try to bring a feeling of festivity even at the smallest gatherings.

Things start to go back to normal though and so, you shouldn’t feel restricted to organize a low-key wedding. Go big and loud if that what you feel suits you and your better half. If most of your guests are youngsters, they will surely say yes to the challenges you will prepare for them.

 Here’s three must-haves for a successful big wedding:

1.   Quality Entertainment

If you have over 100 participants, that’s a really big crowd and the overall feeling might not be one of relaxation and warmth, but on the contrary. This is why you need to provide ice-breaking moments or a designated entertainer such as a charming MC or a great DJ that will make everyone take over the dance floor and join you and your spouse in having fun.

Another cool option is to provide professional dance performers that will teach those who are not so brave how to dance with style and provide a party atmosphere throughout the night.

Or, if you are more interested in cultural activities, you can ask a professional cartoonist to create small sketches for anyone who wants a funny portrait to take home at the end of the party. It’s all about involving everyone in doing something memorable and engaging.

1.   Jaw-dropping Decorations

If you dream of a wedding with the magnitude of a music festival, then that is exactly what you should replicate. Maybe you want to emulate the atmosphere of a giant concert with hundreds of fireworks and an incredible music system, go for it! Or provide stunning visuals that will create an incredible aesthetic vision to make the whole setup a walking paradise, don’t be afraid to experiment! And if you want to make sure that your financial investment is safe, read through the Eventsured claim process and go for a wedding insurance to cover you.

2.   Amazing Menu

Smell and taste are our most important senses and you can achieve a lasting impression on all your guests by adding some refreshing herbs to create unexpected combinations (think of strawberry sorbet with sumac and yoghurt as a topping for dessert), or hire an excellent wedding chef to provide personalized recipes of all your favorite foods. Everyone enjoys diversity on the plate!

Good food, good mood is more than just a tagline and it actually comprises the quintessence of any great party: mouth-watering appetizers, delicious meals, served in an impeccable setting that will create an unforgettable memory both for the eyes and the taste buds of those serving them. And you should pay the same attention to the drinks menu as well. Maybe you can ask for a special cocktail for your occasion or offer rare beverages that have a secret connection with your love story.

Last Thought

It goes without saying that you should definitely give your best to be a great host, but without sacrificing your well-being. If you feel like something is threatening your smile on your big day, don’t be afraid to address it and try to have fun as well. Smiling is contagious and it will set up the ground for everyone to be in a cheerful mood. With these being said, your big wedding is ready to take place!



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